Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2016.11.0
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
MITK Diffusion Imaging (MITK-DI)

This module provides means to diffusion weighted image reconstruction, visualization and quantification. Diffusion tensors as well as different q-ball reconstruction schemes are supported. Q-ball imaging aims at recovering more detailed information about the orientations of fibers from diffusion MRI measurements and, in particular, to resolve the orientations of crossing fibers.


MITK Diffusion consists of further components, which have their own documentation, see:

Data Import

Preprocessing and Reconstruction

Register or denoise original data and convert it into tensor or q-ball images.

Fiber Tracking

Create and work with fiber tractographies.


Create parameter maps and quantify different properties.


Create and analyse connectome networks.

Known Issues

  • Dicom Import: The dicom import has so far only been implemented for Siemens dicom images. MITK-DI is capable of reading the nrrd format, which is documented elsewhere [1, 2]. These files can be created by combining the raw image data with a corresponding textual header file. The file extension should be changed from *.nrrd to *.dwi or from *.nhdr to *.hdwi respectively in order to let MITK-DI recognize the diffusion related header information provided in the files.

Technical Information for Developers

The diffusion imaging module uses additional properties beside the ones in use in other modules, for further information see The Diffusion Imaging Properties .


Further reading regarding diffusion:

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