Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2016.11.0
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
The Connectomics Perspective
Icon of the Connectomics Perspective

The connectomics perspective is a collection of views which provide functionality for the work with brain connectivity networks. Currently there exist the following views:

The Connectomics Network Data View provides network generation either from data or synthetically.

The Connectomics Network Operations View provides functionalies to operate and process on networks and other data.

The Connectomics Statistics View provides statistical measures for networks.

The Random Parcellation View provides a method to randomly parcellate a segmentation using different criteria

Network Rendering Customization

The rendering of the connectomics networks can be customized by changing the associated properties using the property list. A selection of possible options are:

  • Connectomics.Rendering.Edges.Filtering - Only render edges above a certain threshold
  • Connectomics.Rendering.Edges.Gradient.Parameter - Color the edges according to certain parameters
  • Connectomics.Rendering.Edges.Radius.Parameter - Change the radius of the edges according to certain parameters
  • Connectomics.Rendering.Nodes.Filtering - Only render nodes above a certain threshold
  • Connectomics.Rendering.Nodes.Gradient.Parameter - Color the nodes according to certain parameters
  • Connectomics.Rendering.Nodes.Radius.Parameter - Change the radius of the nodes according to certain parameters
  • Connectomics.Rendering.Scheme - Switch between the MITK rendering scheme using above properties and the very fast, but less customizable rendering scheme for VTK graphs


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