Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2016.11.0
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
The Diffusion Imaging Properties

These properties govern the rendering of diffusion imaging data and the visualization of its analysis.

  • opaclevelwindow - controls the maximal/minimal opacity value
  • DisplayChannel - selectes which channel is to be displayed
  • DoRefresh - Do GL/VTK Refresh
  • IndexParam1 - These are used to safe parameters depending on the chosen method
  • IndexParam2 - as IndexParam1
  • Normalization - stores the normalization for the mitkOdfVtkMapper2D
  • ScaleBy - Toggles wether the ODFs should be scaled with the FA or GFA
  • Scaling - Global scaling factor, eg for rendering all ODFs 1.23 as big
  • ShowMaxNumber - The maximum number of glyphs to render in a window
  • VisibleOdfs - are there visible glyphs
  • VisibleOdfs_C - Toggles coronally visible glyphs
  • VisibleOdfs_S - Toggles sagittally visible glyphs
  • VisibleOdfs_T - Toggles transversely visible glyphs