Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2018.4.99-93926fb8
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
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 Classes related to the Segmentation pluginA couple of classes related to the Segmentation plugin. See also Technical design of QmitkSegmentation
 MITK ModulesThis group includes all MITK Modules
 BlueBerry PluginsThis group includes all BlueBerry Plugins
 MITK PluginsThis group includes all MITK Plugins
 MITK Example PluginsThis group includes all MITK example plugins demonstrating specific framework features
 MITK TestingIn this group, the API documentation of methods useful for testing is collected. The more general concepts of testing in MITK are described on the General: Tests in MITK page
 CMake FunctionsThis category includes CMake utility functions for external projects
 InternalThis subcategory includes the internal classes of the org.mitk.gui.qt.aicpregistration plugin. Other plugins must not rely on these classes. They contain implementation details and their interface may change at any time. We mean it
 GeometryOrganizes geometries over arbitrary defined time steps