Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2024.06.99-b3904305
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit

This category includes classes of the MITK Core module. More...

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 Geometry Classes
 This subcategory includes the geometry classes, which describe the geometry of the data in space and time.
 Micro Services Interfaces
 Classes (interfaces) in this category are explicitly designed for usage with the MITK Micro Services.
 Data Classes
 This subcategory includes the data classes, e.g., for images (mitk::Image), surfaces (mitk::Surface), vessel-trees (mitk::VesselTreeData), etc.
 IO Classes
 This subcategory includes the IO classes to read or write data objects.
 Deprecated IO Classes
 This subcategory includes the Deprecated IO classes to read or write data objects.
 Data Storage Classes
 This subcategory includes the classes to store and retrieve objects from the mitk::DataStorage.
 Process and Adaptor Classes
 This category includes process (algorithm) classes developed specifically for mitk and (mainly) adaptor classes for the integration of algorithms from other toolkits (currently vtk, itk).
 Interaction and Undo Classes
 This category includes classes that support the developer to create software that allows the user to interact with the data.
 Visualization and Visualization Organization Classes
 This category includes renderwindows (currently one for OpenGL), renderers (currently only one, for OpenGL-based renderwindows), mappers and classes for navigating in the data.

Detailed Description

This category includes classes of the MITK Core module.

The MITK Core module contains abstractions for common data types and their geometries, I/O facilities for loading and saving data in various formats, infrastructures for handling user interaction and undo/redo operations, GUI toolkit independent visualization classes, and a generic service registry.

In almost all cases, additional MITK modules will make use of classes contained in the Core module.