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QmitkStdMultiWidget Class Reference

The 'QmitkStdMultiWidget' is a 'QmitkAbstractMultiWidget' that is used to display multiple render windows at once. Render windows are predefined in a 2x2 design with 3 different 2D view planes and a 3D render window. More...

#include <QmitkStdMultiWidget.h>

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Public Slots

virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *) override
virtual void moveEvent (QMoveEvent *e) override
virtual void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *e) override
void Fit ()
void AddDisplayPlaneSubTree ()
void EnsureDisplayContainsPoint (mitk::BaseRenderer *renderer, const mitk::Point3D &p)
void SetWidgetPlaneVisibility (const char *widgetName, bool visible, mitk::BaseRenderer *renderer=nullptr)
void SetWidgetPlanesVisibility (bool visible, mitk::BaseRenderer *renderer=nullptr)


void NotifyCrosshairVisibilityChanged (bool visible)
void NotifyCrosshairRotationModeChanged (int mode)
void WheelMoved (QWheelEvent *)
void Moved ()
- Signals inherited from QmitkAbstractMultiWidget
void ActiveRenderWindowChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 QmitkStdMultiWidget (QWidget *parent=nullptr, Qt::WindowFlags f=nullptr, const QString &name="stdmulti")
 ~QmitkStdMultiWidget () override
virtual void InitializeMultiWidget () override
virtual QmitkRenderWindowGetRenderWindow (const QString &widgetName) const override
virtual QmitkRenderWindowGetRenderWindow (const mitk::AnatomicalPlane &orientation) const override
void InitializeViews (const mitk::TimeGeometry *geometry, bool resetCamera) override
 Initialize all render windows of the StdMultiWidget to the given geometry. Overridem from 'QmitkAbstractMultiWidget'. More...
void SetInteractionReferenceGeometry (const mitk::TimeGeometry *referenceGeometry) override
 Not implemented in this class. Overridem from 'QmitkAbstractMultiWidget'. More...
bool HasCoupledRenderWindows () const override
 Returns true if the render windows are coupled; false if not. More...
virtual void SetSelectedPosition (const mitk::Point3D &newPosition, const QString &widgetName) override
virtual const mitk::Point3D GetSelectedPosition (const QString &widgetName) const override
virtual void SetCrosshairVisibility (bool) override
virtual bool GetCrosshairVisibility () const override
void SetCrosshairGap (unsigned int gapSize) override
virtual void ResetCrosshair () override
virtual void SetWidgetPlaneMode (int mode) override
void AddPlanesToDataStorage ()
void RemovePlanesFromDataStorage ()
QmitkRenderWindowGetRenderWindow (unsigned int number) const
 Convenience method to get a render window widget. More...
QmitkRenderWindowGetRenderWindow1 () const
QmitkRenderWindowGetRenderWindow2 () const
QmitkRenderWindowGetRenderWindow3 () const
QmitkRenderWindowGetRenderWindow4 () const
mitk::DataNode::Pointer GetWidgetPlane (unsigned int number) const
 Convenience method to get a widget plane. More...
mitk::DataNode::Pointer GetWidgetPlane1 () const
mitk::DataNode::Pointer GetWidgetPlane2 () const
mitk::DataNode::Pointer GetWidgetPlane3 () const
void SetDecorationColor (unsigned int widgetNumber, mitk::Color color)
 SetDecorationColor Set the color of the decoration of the 4 widgets. More...
mitk::Color GetDecorationColor (unsigned int widgetNumber)
 GetDecorationColorForWidget Get the color for annotation, crosshair and rectangle. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from QmitkAbstractMultiWidget
 QmitkAbstractMultiWidget (QWidget *parent=0, Qt::WindowFlags f=0, const QString &multiWidgetName="multiwidget")
virtual ~QmitkAbstractMultiWidget ()
virtual void MultiWidgetOpened ()
virtual void MultiWidgetClosed ()
virtual void SetDataStorage (mitk::DataStorage *dataStorage)
mitk::DataStorageGetDataStorage () const
int GetRowCount () const
int GetColumnCount () const
virtual void SetLayout (int row, int column)
virtual void Synchronize (bool)
virtual void SetInteractionScheme (mitk::InteractionSchemeSwitcher::InteractionScheme scheme)
mitk::InteractionEventHandlerGetInteractionEventHandler ()
void SetDisplayActionEventHandler (std::unique_ptr< mitk::DisplayActionEventHandler > displayActionEventHandler)
mitk::DisplayActionEventHandlerGetDisplayActionEventHandler ()
RenderWindowWidgetMap GetRenderWindowWidgets () const
RenderWindowWidgetMap Get2DRenderWindowWidgets () const
RenderWindowWidgetMap Get3DRenderWindowWidgets () const
RenderWindowWidgetPointer GetRenderWindowWidget (int row, int column) const
RenderWindowWidgetPointer GetRenderWindowWidget (const QString &widgetName) const
RenderWindowWidgetPointer GetRenderWindowWidget (const QmitkRenderWindow *renderWindow) const
RenderWindowHash GetRenderWindows () const
QmitkRenderWindowGetRenderWindow (int row, int column) const
virtual void SetActiveRenderWindowWidget (RenderWindowWidgetPointer activeRenderWindowWidget)
RenderWindowWidgetPointer GetActiveRenderWindowWidget () const
RenderWindowWidgetPointer GetFirstRenderWindowWidget () const
RenderWindowWidgetPointer GetLastRenderWindowWidget () const
virtual QString GetNameFromIndex (int row, int column) const
virtual QString GetNameFromIndex (size_t index) const
unsigned int GetNumberOfRenderWindowWidgets () const
void RequestUpdate (const QString &widgetName)
void RequestUpdateAll ()
void ForceImmediateUpdate (const QString &widgetName)
void ForceImmediateUpdateAll ()
virtual void ActivateMenuWidget (bool state)
virtual bool IsMenuWidgetEnabled () const
QmitkMultiWidgetLayoutManagerGetMultiWidgetLayoutManager () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QmitkAbstractMultiWidget
using RenderWindowWidgetPointer = std::shared_ptr< QmitkRenderWindowWidget >
using RenderWindowWidgetMap = std::map< QString, std::shared_ptr< QmitkRenderWindowWidget > >
using RenderWindowHash = QHash< QString, QmitkRenderWindow * >
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QmitkAbstractMultiWidget
virtual void AddRenderWindowWidget (const QString &widgetName, RenderWindowWidgetPointer renderWindowWidget)
virtual void RemoveRenderWindowWidget ()

Detailed Description

The 'QmitkStdMultiWidget' is a 'QmitkAbstractMultiWidget' that is used to display multiple render windows at once. Render windows are predefined in a 2x2 design with 3 different 2D view planes and a 3D render window.

Definition at line 24 of file QmitkStdMultiWidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QmitkStdMultiWidget()

QmitkStdMultiWidget::QmitkStdMultiWidget ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr,
Qt::WindowFlags  f = nullptr,
const QString &  name = "stdmulti" 

◆ ~QmitkStdMultiWidget()

QmitkStdMultiWidget::~QmitkStdMultiWidget ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddDisplayPlaneSubTree

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::AddDisplayPlaneSubTree ( )

◆ AddPlanesToDataStorage()

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::AddPlanesToDataStorage ( )

◆ EnsureDisplayContainsPoint

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::EnsureDisplayContainsPoint ( mitk::BaseRenderer renderer,
const mitk::Point3D p 

◆ Fit

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::Fit ( )

◆ GetCrosshairVisibility()

virtual bool QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetCrosshairVisibility ( ) const

◆ GetDecorationColor()

mitk::Color QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetDecorationColor ( unsigned int  widgetNumber)

GetDecorationColorForWidget Get the color for annotation, crosshair and rectangle.

widgetNumberNumber of the renderwindow (0-3).
Color in mitk format.

◆ GetRenderWindow() [1/3]

virtual QmitkRenderWindow* QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetRenderWindow ( const mitk::AnatomicalPlane orientation) const

◆ GetRenderWindow() [2/3]

virtual QmitkRenderWindow* QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetRenderWindow ( const QString &  widgetName) const

Reimplemented from QmitkAbstractMultiWidget.

◆ GetRenderWindow() [3/3]

QmitkRenderWindow* QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetRenderWindow ( unsigned int  number) const

Convenience method to get a render window widget.

numberof the widget (0-3)
The render window widget

◆ GetRenderWindow1()

QmitkRenderWindow* QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetRenderWindow1 ( ) const

◆ GetRenderWindow2()

QmitkRenderWindow* QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetRenderWindow2 ( ) const

◆ GetRenderWindow3()

QmitkRenderWindow* QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetRenderWindow3 ( ) const

◆ GetRenderWindow4()

QmitkRenderWindow* QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetRenderWindow4 ( ) const

◆ GetSelectedPosition()

virtual const mitk::Point3D QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetSelectedPosition ( const QString &  widgetName) const

◆ GetWidgetPlane()

mitk::DataNode::Pointer QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetWidgetPlane ( unsigned int  number) const

Convenience method to get a widget plane.

numberof the widget plane (1-3)
The widget plane as data node

◆ GetWidgetPlane1()

mitk::DataNode::Pointer QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetWidgetPlane1 ( ) const

◆ GetWidgetPlane2()

mitk::DataNode::Pointer QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetWidgetPlane2 ( ) const

◆ GetWidgetPlane3()

mitk::DataNode::Pointer QmitkStdMultiWidget::GetWidgetPlane3 ( ) const

◆ HasCoupledRenderWindows()

bool QmitkStdMultiWidget::HasCoupledRenderWindows ( ) const

Returns true if the render windows are coupled; false if not.

For the StdMultiWidget the render windows are typically coupled.

Implements QmitkAbstractMultiWidget.

◆ InitializeMultiWidget()

virtual void QmitkStdMultiWidget::InitializeMultiWidget ( )

◆ InitializeViews()

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::InitializeViews ( const mitk::TimeGeometry geometry,
bool  resetCamera 

Initialize all render windows of the StdMultiWidget to the given geometry. Overridem from 'QmitkAbstractMultiWidget'.

geometryThe geometry to be used to initialize / update all render window's time and slice navigation controller.
resetCameraIf true, the camera and crosshair will be reset to the default view (centered, no zoom). If false, the current crosshair position and the camera zoom will be stored and reset after the reference geometry has been updated.

Implements QmitkAbstractMultiWidget.

◆ mousePressEvent

virtual void QmitkStdMultiWidget::mousePressEvent ( QMouseEvent *  )

◆ Moved

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::Moved ( )

◆ moveEvent

virtual void QmitkStdMultiWidget::moveEvent ( QMoveEvent *  e)

◆ NotifyCrosshairRotationModeChanged

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::NotifyCrosshairRotationModeChanged ( int  mode)

◆ NotifyCrosshairVisibilityChanged

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::NotifyCrosshairVisibilityChanged ( bool  visible)

◆ RemovePlanesFromDataStorage()

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::RemovePlanesFromDataStorage ( )

◆ ResetCrosshair()

virtual void QmitkStdMultiWidget::ResetCrosshair ( )

◆ SetCrosshairGap()

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::SetCrosshairGap ( unsigned int  gapSize)

◆ SetCrosshairVisibility()

virtual void QmitkStdMultiWidget::SetCrosshairVisibility ( bool  )

◆ SetDecorationColor()

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::SetDecorationColor ( unsigned int  widgetNumber,
mitk::Color  color 

SetDecorationColor Set the color of the decoration of the 4 widgets.

This is used to color the frame of the renderwindow and the corner annatation. For the first 3 widgets, this color is a property of the helper object nodes which contain the respective plane geometry. For widget 4, this is a member, since there is no data node for this widget.

◆ SetInteractionReferenceGeometry()

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::SetInteractionReferenceGeometry ( const mitk::TimeGeometry referenceGeometry)

Not implemented in this class. Overridem from 'QmitkAbstractMultiWidget'.

Implements QmitkAbstractMultiWidget.

◆ SetSelectedPosition()

virtual void QmitkStdMultiWidget::SetSelectedPosition ( const mitk::Point3D newPosition,
const QString &  widgetName 

◆ SetWidgetPlaneMode()

virtual void QmitkStdMultiWidget::SetWidgetPlaneMode ( int  mode)

◆ SetWidgetPlanesVisibility

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::SetWidgetPlanesVisibility ( bool  visible,
mitk::BaseRenderer renderer = nullptr 

◆ SetWidgetPlaneVisibility

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::SetWidgetPlaneVisibility ( const char *  widgetName,
bool  visible,
mitk::BaseRenderer renderer = nullptr 

◆ wheelEvent

virtual void QmitkStdMultiWidget::wheelEvent ( QWheelEvent *  e)

◆ WheelMoved

void QmitkStdMultiWidget::WheelMoved ( QWheelEvent *  )

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