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mitk::ModelFitPlotData Struct Reference

#include <mitkModelFitPlotDataHelper.h>

Collaboration diagram for mitk::ModelFitPlotData:

Public Types

using PositionalCurveCollection = std::pair< mitk::Point3D, PlotDataCurveCollection::Pointer >
using PositionalCollectionMap = std::map< mitk::PointSet::PointIdentifier, PositionalCurveCollection >

Public Member Functions

const PlotDataCurveCollectionGetPositionalPlot (const mitk::Point3D &point) const
const PlotDataCurveCollectionGetPositionalPlot (mitk::PointSet::PointIdentifier id) const
PlotDataValues::value_type GetXMinMax () const
PlotDataValues::value_type GetYMinMax () const
 ModelFitPlotData ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const PlotDataCurveGetSamplePlot (const PlotDataCurveCollection *coll)
static const PlotDataCurveGetSignalPlot (const PlotDataCurveCollection *coll)
static const PlotDataCurveGetInterpolatedSignalPlot (const PlotDataCurveCollection *coll)
static std::string GetPositionalCollectionName (const PositionalCollectionMap::value_type &mapValue)

Public Attributes

PlotDataCurveCollection::Pointer currentPositionPlots
PositionalCollectionMap positionalPlots
PlotDataCurveCollection::Pointer staticPlots
mitk::modelFit::ModelFitInfo::Pointer fitInfo

Detailed Description

Structure containing all information for one model fit

Definition at line 73 of file mitkModelFitPlotDataHelper.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ PositionalCollectionMap

◆ PositionalCurveCollection

using mitk::ModelFitPlotData::PositionalCurveCollection = std::pair<mitk::Point3D, PlotDataCurveCollection::Pointer>

Definition at line 78 of file mitkModelFitPlotDataHelper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ModelFitPlotData()

mitk::ModelFitPlotData::ModelFitPlotData ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetInterpolatedSignalPlot()

static const PlotDataCurve* mitk::ModelFitPlotData::GetInterpolatedSignalPlot ( const PlotDataCurveCollection coll)

◆ GetPositionalCollectionName()

static std::string mitk::ModelFitPlotData::GetPositionalCollectionName ( const PositionalCollectionMap::value_type &  mapValue)

Helper function that generates a humand readable name for the passed value of a positional collection map.

◆ GetPositionalPlot() [1/2]

const PlotDataCurveCollection* mitk::ModelFitPlotData::GetPositionalPlot ( const mitk::Point3D point) const

◆ GetPositionalPlot() [2/2]

const PlotDataCurveCollection* mitk::ModelFitPlotData::GetPositionalPlot ( mitk::PointSet::PointIdentifier  id) const

◆ GetSamplePlot()

static const PlotDataCurve* mitk::ModelFitPlotData::GetSamplePlot ( const PlotDataCurveCollection coll)

Helper function to get the collection of the current position. Returns nullptr if no current position exists.

◆ GetSignalPlot()

static const PlotDataCurve* mitk::ModelFitPlotData::GetSignalPlot ( const PlotDataCurveCollection coll)

◆ GetXMinMax()

PlotDataValues::value_type mitk::ModelFitPlotData::GetXMinMax ( ) const

returns the minimum (first element) and maximum (second element) of x of all plot data

◆ GetYMinMax()

PlotDataValues::value_type mitk::ModelFitPlotData::GetYMinMax ( ) const

returns the minimum (first element) and maximum (second element) of y of all plot data

Member Data Documentation

◆ currentPositionPlots

PlotDataCurveCollection::Pointer mitk::ModelFitPlotData::currentPositionPlots

Plots that are related to the world coordinate labeled as current position.

Definition at line 76 of file mitkModelFitPlotDataHelper.h.

◆ fitInfo

mitk::modelFit::ModelFitInfo::Pointer mitk::ModelFitPlotData::fitInfo

Pointer to the model fit that correspondens with this plot data.

Definition at line 88 of file mitkModelFitPlotDataHelper.h.

◆ positionalPlots

PositionalCollectionMap mitk::ModelFitPlotData::positionalPlots

Plot collections that are related to specific world coordinates (inspection position bookmarks).

Definition at line 82 of file mitkModelFitPlotDataHelper.h.

◆ staticPlots

PlotDataCurveCollection::Pointer mitk::ModelFitPlotData::staticPlots

Plot collection for static plots of the fit that do not depend on some coordinates.

Definition at line 85 of file mitkModelFitPlotDataHelper.h.

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