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mitk::MITKRegistrationHelper Class Reference

MITKRegistrationHelper. More...

#include <mitkRegistrationHelper.h>

Public Types

typedef ::itk::ScalableAffineTransform< ::mitk::ScalarType, 3 > Affine3DTransformType
typedef ::map::core::Registration< 3, 3 > Registration3DType
typedef ::map::core::RegistrationBase RegistrationBaseType

Static Public Member Functions

static Affine3DTransformType::Pointer getAffineMatrix (const mitk::MAPRegistrationWrapper *wrapper, bool inverseKernel)
static Affine3DTransformType::Pointer getAffineMatrix (const RegistrationBaseType *registration, bool inverseKernel)
static bool is3D (const mitk::MAPRegistrationWrapper *wrapper)
static bool is3D (const RegistrationBaseType *regBase)
static bool IsRegNode (const mitk::DataNode *node)
static NodePredicateBase::ConstPointer RegNodePredicate ()
static NodePredicateBase::ConstPointer ImageNodePredicate ()
static NodePredicateBase::ConstPointer MaskNodePredicate ()
static NodePredicateBase::ConstPointer PointSetNodePredicate ()

Detailed Description


This class is not yet documented. Use "git blame" and ask the author to provide basic documentation.

Definition at line 39 of file mitkRegistrationHelper.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Affine3DTransformType

typedef ::itk::ScalableAffineTransform< ::mitk::ScalarType,3 > mitk::MITKRegistrationHelper::Affine3DTransformType

Definition at line 43 of file mitkRegistrationHelper.h.

◆ Registration3DType

typedef ::map::core::Registration<3,3> mitk::MITKRegistrationHelper::Registration3DType

Definition at line 44 of file mitkRegistrationHelper.h.

◆ RegistrationBaseType

typedef ::map::core::RegistrationBase mitk::MITKRegistrationHelper::RegistrationBaseType

Definition at line 45 of file mitkRegistrationHelper.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getAffineMatrix() [1/2]

static Affine3DTransformType::Pointer mitk::MITKRegistrationHelper::getAffineMatrix ( const mitk::MAPRegistrationWrapper wrapper,
bool  inverseKernel 

Extracts the affine transformation, if possible, of the selected kernel.

wrapperPointer to the registration that is target of the extraction
inverseKernelIndicates from which kernel the matrix should be extract. True: inverse kernel, False: direct kernel.
Pointer to the extracted transform. If it is not possible to convert the kernel into an affine transform a null pointer is returned.
wrapper must point to a valid instance.
wrapper must be a 3D-3D registration.

◆ getAffineMatrix() [2/2]

static Affine3DTransformType::Pointer mitk::MITKRegistrationHelper::getAffineMatrix ( const RegistrationBaseType registration,
bool  inverseKernel 

◆ ImageNodePredicate()

static NodePredicateBase::ConstPointer mitk::MITKRegistrationHelper::ImageNodePredicate ( )

Returns a node predicate that identifies image nodes.

◆ is3D() [1/2]

static bool mitk::MITKRegistrationHelper::is3D ( const mitk::MAPRegistrationWrapper wrapper)

◆ is3D() [2/2]

static bool mitk::MITKRegistrationHelper::is3D ( const RegistrationBaseType regBase)

◆ IsRegNode()

static bool mitk::MITKRegistrationHelper::IsRegNode ( const mitk::DataNode node)

Checks if the passed Node contains a MatchPoint registration

nodePointer to the node to be checked.*
true: node contains a MAPRegistrationWrapper. false: "node" does not point to a valid instance or does not contain a registration wrapper.

◆ MaskNodePredicate()

static NodePredicateBase::ConstPointer mitk::MITKRegistrationHelper::MaskNodePredicate ( )

Returns a node predicate that identifies segmentation/mask nodes.

◆ PointSetNodePredicate()

static NodePredicateBase::ConstPointer mitk::MITKRegistrationHelper::PointSetNodePredicate ( )

Returns a node predicate that identifies point set nodes.

◆ RegNodePredicate()

static NodePredicateBase::ConstPointer mitk::MITKRegistrationHelper::RegNodePredicate ( )

Returns a node predicate that identifies registration nodes.

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