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Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
mitk::EventFactory Class Reference

Generates InteractionEvent-Objects/XML. More...

#include <mitkEventFactory.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static InteractionEvent::Pointer CreateEvent (PropertyList::Pointer eventDescription)
static std::string EventToXML (InteractionEvent *event)
 EventToXML Transforms an event into a XML tag describing it. More...

Detailed Description

Generates InteractionEvent-Objects/XML.

1) InteractionEvents can be constructed by a PropertyList describing the event (see mitk::EventConfig for examples) 2) An XML description of InteractionEvents can be retrieved.

This class is used by the EventConfig object to parse configuration files and create Events based on the xml description.

Definition at line 35 of file mitkEventFactory.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateEvent()

static InteractionEvent::Pointer mitk::EventFactory::CreateEvent ( PropertyList::Pointer  eventDescription)

Parses PropertyList and queries all possible Information. If an attribute is not present the default value is used. Finally the Event-Type is chosen by the ClassName property and the object is created using the collected information.

◆ EventToXML()

static std::string mitk::EventFactory::EventToXML ( InteractionEvent event)

EventToXML Transforms an event into a XML tag describing it.

Event block specifying event class and attributes of that event.

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