Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2022.10.99-eeb2f471
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
mitkTimeHelper.h File Reference
#include <mitkTimeGeometry.h>

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 DataCollection - Class to facilitate loading/accessing structured data.


template<class TOutputRegion , class TInputRegion >
void mitk::GenerateTimeInInputRegion (const mitk::TimeGeometry *outputTimeGeometry, const TOutputRegion &outputRegion, const mitk::TimeGeometry *inputTimeGeometry, TInputRegion &inputRegion)
template<class TOutputData , class TInputData >
void mitk::GenerateTimeInInputRegion (const TOutputData *output, TInputData *input)
 convert the start- and end-index-time of output in start- and end-index-time of input1 and input2 via millisecond-time More...