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mitkRenderWindowLayerUtilities.h File Reference

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 DataCollection - Class to facilitate loading/accessing structured data.


typedef std::vector< BaseRenderer * > mitk::RenderWindowLayerUtilities::RendererVector
typedef std::map< int, DataNode::Pointer, std::greater< int > > mitk::RenderWindowLayerUtilities::LayerStack


MITKQTWIDGETS_EXPORT LayerStack mitk::RenderWindowLayerUtilities::GetLayerStack (const DataStorage *dataStorage, const BaseRenderer *renderer)
 Return the stack of layers of the given renderer as std::map<int, DataNode::Pointer>, which guarantees ordering of the layers. Stacked layers are only included if they have their "layer" property set. More...
MITKQTWIDGETS_EXPORT void mitk::RenderWindowLayerUtilities::SetRenderWindowProperties (DataNode *dataNode, const BaseRenderer *renderer)
 Set renderer-specific properties to mark a data node as 'managed by the specific renderer'. In order for a renderer to manage a data node, the 'visible' and the 'layer' property are set and allow to individually render a set of nodes with a specific renderer. The last two mentioned properties are set so that they initially have the same value as the corresponding global property. More...
MITKQTWIDGETS_EXPORT void mitk::RenderWindowLayerUtilities::DeleteRenderWindowProperties (DataNode *dataNode, const BaseRenderer *renderer)
MITKQTWIDGETS_EXPORT void mitk::RenderWindowLayerUtilities::TransferRenderWindowProperties (DataNode *dataNode, const BaseRenderer *newRenderer, const BaseRenderer *oldRenderer)


const int mitk::RenderWindowLayerUtilities::TOP_LAYER_INDEX