Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2023.04.99-859410e3
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
mitkPropertyPersistenceInfo.h File Reference
#include <functional>
#include <mitkBaseProperty.h>
#include <mitkCommon.h>
#include <MitkCoreExports.h>
#include <itkObjectFactory.h>

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class  mitk::PropertyPersistenceInfo
 Property persistence info. This class is used to specify the way the persistance of a property of BaseData derived instances is handled. The info specifies the key for property, as well as the mime type the info is defined for and should be used. Additionally the functions for deserialization and serialization of the property can be defined. As default. More...


 Find image slices visible on a given plane.


MITKCORE_EXPORT std::ostream & mitk::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const PropertyPersistenceInfo &info)
MITKCORE_EXPORT::std::string mitk::PropertyPersistenceSerialization::serializeByGetValueAsString (const mitk::BaseProperty *prop)
MITKCORE_EXPORT mitk::BaseProperty::Pointer mitk::PropertyPersistenceDeserialization::deserializeToStringProperty (const std::string &value)