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mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper Class Reference

#include <mitkTimeFramesRegistrationHelper.h>

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Public Types

typedef ::map::algorithm::RegistrationAlgorithmBase RegistrationAlgorithmBaseType
typedef RegistrationAlgorithmBaseType::Pointer RegistrationAlgorithmPointer
typedef ::map::core::RegistrationBase RegistrationType
typedef RegistrationType::Pointer RegistrationPointer
typedef std::vector< mitk::TimeStepTypeIgnoreListType

Public Member Functions

 mitkClassMacroItkParent (TimeFramesRegistrationHelper, itk::Object)
virtual void Set4DImage (const Image *_arg)
virtual const ImageGet4DImage ()
virtual void SetTargetMask (const Image *_arg)
virtual const ImageGetTargetMask ()
virtual void SetAlgorithm (RegistrationAlgorithmBaseType *_arg)
virtual RegistrationAlgorithmBaseTypeGetAlgorithm ()
virtual void SetAllowUndefPixels (bool _arg)
virtual bool GetAllowUndefPixels () const
virtual void SetPaddingValue (double _arg)
virtual double GetPaddingValue () const
virtual void SetAllowUnregPixels (bool _arg)
virtual bool GetAllowUnregPixels () const
virtual void SetErrorValue (double _arg)
virtual double GetErrorValue () const
virtual void SetInterpolatorType (mitk::ImageMappingInterpolator::Type _arg)
virtual mitk::ImageMappingInterpolator::Type GetInterpolatorType () const
void ClearIgnoreList ()
void SetIgnoreList (const IgnoreListType &il)
virtual IgnoreListType GetIgnoreList () const
virtual double GetProgress () const
void Generate ()
Image::Pointer GetRegisteredImage ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Pointer New ()

Protected Member Functions

 TimeFramesRegistrationHelper ()
 ~TimeFramesRegistrationHelper () override
RegistrationPointer DoFrameRegistration (const mitk::Image *movingFrame, const mitk::Image *targetFrame, const mitk::Image *targetMask) const
mitk::Image::Pointer DoFrameMapping (const mitk::Image *movingFrame, const RegistrationType *reg, const mitk::Image *targetFrame) const
bool HasOutdatedResult () const
void CheckValidInputs () const
mitk::Image::Pointer GetFrameImage (const mitk::Image *image, mitk::TimePointType timePoint) const

Protected Attributes

RegistrationAlgorithmPointer m_Algorithm

Detailed Description

Helper class that assumes that registeres time frames of an passed image and returns the resulting new image. A typical use case for the helper class is motion correction in 3D+t images. Each selected frame will be registered to the first frame of the image. The user can define frames that may be not registered. These frames will be copied directly. Per default all frames will be registered. The user may set a mask for the target frame (1st frame). If this mask image has mulitple time steps, the first time step will be used. The helper class invokes three eventtypes:

  • mitk::FrameRegistrationEvent: when ever a frame was registered.
  • mitk::FrameMappingEvent: when ever a frame was mapped registered.
  • itk::ProgressEvent: when ever a new frame was added to the result image.

Definition at line 43 of file mitkTimeFramesRegistrationHelper.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ IgnoreListType

◆ RegistrationAlgorithmBaseType

typedef ::map::algorithm::RegistrationAlgorithmBase mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::RegistrationAlgorithmBaseType

Definition at line 48 of file mitkTimeFramesRegistrationHelper.h.

◆ RegistrationAlgorithmPointer

typedef RegistrationAlgorithmBaseType::Pointer mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::RegistrationAlgorithmPointer

Definition at line 51 of file mitkTimeFramesRegistrationHelper.h.

◆ RegistrationPointer

Definition at line 53 of file mitkTimeFramesRegistrationHelper.h.

◆ RegistrationType

typedef ::map::core::RegistrationBase mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::RegistrationType

Definition at line 52 of file mitkTimeFramesRegistrationHelper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TimeFramesRegistrationHelper()

mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper ( )

Definition at line 107 of file mitkTimeFramesRegistrationHelper.h.

◆ ~TimeFramesRegistrationHelper()

mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::~TimeFramesRegistrationHelper ( )

Definition at line 120 of file mitkTimeFramesRegistrationHelper.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CheckValidInputs()

void mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::CheckValidInputs ( ) const

Check if the fit can be generated and all needed inputs are valid. Throw an exception for a non valid or missing input.

◆ ClearIgnoreList()

void mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::ClearIgnoreList ( )

cleares the ignore list. Therefore all frames will be processed.

◆ DoFrameMapping()

mitk::Image::Pointer mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::DoFrameMapping ( const mitk::Image movingFrame,
const RegistrationType reg,
const mitk::Image targetFrame 
) const

◆ DoFrameRegistration()

RegistrationPointer mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::DoFrameRegistration ( const mitk::Image movingFrame,
const mitk::Image targetFrame,
const mitk::Image targetMask 
) const

◆ Generate()

void mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::Generate ( )

Commences the generation of the registered 4D image. Stores the result internally. After this method call is finished the result can be retrieved via GetRegisteredImage.

4D image must be set
4D image must has more then one frame
Reg algorithm must be set
Ignore list values must be within the time geometry of the image
Result image was generated.

◆ Get4DImage()

virtual const Image* mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::Get4DImage ( )

◆ GetAlgorithm()

virtual RegistrationAlgorithmBaseType* mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::GetAlgorithm ( )

◆ GetAllowUndefPixels()

virtual bool mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::GetAllowUndefPixels ( ) const

◆ GetAllowUnregPixels()

virtual bool mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::GetAllowUnregPixels ( ) const

◆ GetErrorValue()

virtual double mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::GetErrorValue ( ) const

◆ GetFrameImage()

mitk::Image::Pointer mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::GetFrameImage ( const mitk::Image image,
mitk::TimePointType  timePoint 
) const

◆ GetIgnoreList()

virtual IgnoreListType mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::GetIgnoreList ( ) const

◆ GetInterpolatorType()

virtual mitk::ImageMappingInterpolator::Type mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::GetInterpolatorType ( ) const

◆ GetPaddingValue()

virtual double mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::GetPaddingValue ( ) const

◆ GetProgress()

virtual double mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::GetProgress ( ) const

◆ GetRegisteredImage()

Image::Pointer mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::GetRegisteredImage ( )

Returns the generated images. Triggers Generate() if result is outdated.

4D image must be set
4D image must has more then one frame
Reg algorithm must be set
Ignore list values must be within the time geometry of the image

◆ GetTargetMask()

virtual const Image* mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::GetTargetMask ( )

◆ HasOutdatedResult()

bool mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::HasOutdatedResult ( ) const

◆ mitkClassMacroItkParent()

mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::mitkClassMacroItkParent ( TimeFramesRegistrationHelper  ,

◆ New()

static Pointer mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::New ( )

◆ Set4DImage()

virtual void mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::Set4DImage ( const Image _arg)

◆ SetAlgorithm()

virtual void mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::SetAlgorithm ( RegistrationAlgorithmBaseType _arg)

◆ SetAllowUndefPixels()

virtual void mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::SetAllowUndefPixels ( bool  _arg)

◆ SetAllowUnregPixels()

virtual void mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::SetAllowUnregPixels ( bool  _arg)

◆ SetErrorValue()

virtual void mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::SetErrorValue ( double  _arg)

◆ SetIgnoreList()

void mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::SetIgnoreList ( const IgnoreListType il)

◆ SetInterpolatorType()

virtual void mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::SetInterpolatorType ( mitk::ImageMappingInterpolator::Type  _arg)

◆ SetPaddingValue()

virtual void mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::SetPaddingValue ( double  _arg)

◆ SetTargetMask()

virtual void mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::SetTargetMask ( const Image _arg)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_Algorithm

RegistrationAlgorithmPointer mitk::TimeFramesRegistrationHelper::m_Algorithm

Definition at line 135 of file mitkTimeFramesRegistrationHelper.h.

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