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mitk::SimpleImageHistogram Class Reference

#include <mitkSimpleHistogram.h>

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Public Types

typedef itk::Statistics::Histogram< double > HistogramType
typedef itk::Image< short, 3 > CTImage
typedef itk::ImageRegionIterator< CTImageCTIteratorType
typedef itk::ImageRegionIteratorWithIndex< CTImageCTIteratorIndexType
typedef itk::Image< unsigned char, 3 > BinImage
typedef itk::ImageRegionIterator< BinImageBinIteratorType
typedef itk::ImageRegionIteratorWithIndex< BinImageBinIteratorIndexType
typedef unsigned long CountType

Public Member Functions

 SimpleImageHistogram ()
 ~SimpleImageHistogram ()
bool GetValid ()
double GetMin () const override
 Returns the minimal value of the histogram. More...
double GetMax () const override
 Returns the maximum value of the histogram. More...
void ComputeFromBaseData (BaseData *source) override
 Creates a new histogram out the source which must be an image. Method does nothing if the image is invalid, nullptr, etc.. More...
float GetRelativeBin (double start, double end) const override
 TODO: (What should this method do?) More...

Protected Attributes

bool valid
int first
int last
int min
int max
CountType highest
double invLogHighest

Detailed Description

Definition at line 47 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ BinImage

Definition at line 71 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ BinIteratorIndexType

typedef itk::ImageRegionIteratorWithIndex<BinImage> mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::BinIteratorIndexType

Definition at line 73 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ BinIteratorType

typedef itk::ImageRegionIterator<BinImage> mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::BinIteratorType

Definition at line 72 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ CountType

Definition at line 75 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ CTImage

Definition at line 67 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ CTIteratorIndexType

typedef itk::ImageRegionIteratorWithIndex<CTImage> mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::CTIteratorIndexType

Definition at line 69 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ CTIteratorType

typedef itk::ImageRegionIterator<CTImage> mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::CTIteratorType

Definition at line 68 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ HistogramType

typedef itk::Statistics::Histogram<double> mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::HistogramType

Definition at line 50 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SimpleImageHistogram()

mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::SimpleImageHistogram ( )

Definition at line 52 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ ~SimpleImageHistogram()

mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::~SimpleImageHistogram ( )

Definition at line 58 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ComputeFromBaseData()

void mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::ComputeFromBaseData ( BaseData source)

Creates a new histogram out the source which must be an image. Method does nothing if the image is invalid, nullptr, etc..

Implements mitk::SimpleHistogram.

◆ GetMax()

double mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::GetMax ( ) const

Returns the maximum value of the histogram.

Implements mitk::SimpleHistogram.

Definition at line 98 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ GetMin()

double mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::GetMin ( ) const

Returns the minimal value of the histogram.

Implements mitk::SimpleHistogram.

Definition at line 90 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ GetRelativeBin()

float mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::GetRelativeBin ( double  start,
double  end 
) const

TODO: (What should this method do?)

Implements mitk::SimpleHistogram.

◆ GetValid()

bool mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::GetValid ( )
Returns if the current histogram is valid, false if not.

Member Data Documentation

◆ first

int mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::first

Definition at line 82 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ highest

CountType mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::highest

Definition at line 86 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ histogram

CountType* mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::histogram

Definition at line 78 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ invLogHighest

double mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::invLogHighest

Definition at line 87 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ last

int mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::last

Definition at line 83 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ max

int mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::max

Definition at line 85 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ min

int mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::min

Definition at line 84 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

◆ valid

bool mitk::SimpleImageHistogram::valid

Definition at line 80 of file mitkSimpleHistogram.h.

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