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mitk::PersistenceService Class Reference

#include <mitkPersistenceService.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PersistenceService ()
 ~PersistenceService () override
std::string GetDefaultPersistenceFile () override
mitk::PropertyList::Pointer GetPropertyList (std::string &id, bool *existed=nullptr) override
bool RemovePropertyList (std::string &id) override
std::string GetPersistenceNodePropertyName () override
DataStorage::SetOfObjects::Pointer GetDataNodes (DataStorage *ds=nullptr) override
bool Save (const std::string &fileName="", bool appendChanges=false) override
bool Load (const std::string &fileName="", bool enforeReload=true) override
void SetAutoLoadAndSave (bool autoLoadAndSave) override
bool GetAutoLoadAndSave () override
void AddPropertyListReplacedObserver (PropertyListReplacedObserver *observer) override
void RemovePropertyListReplacedObserver (PropertyListReplacedObserver *observer) override
bool RestorePropertyListsFromPersistentDataNodes (const DataStorage *storage) override
void Clear ()
void Unitialize ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from mitk::IPersistenceService
virtual ~IPersistenceService ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string GetPersistencePropertyName ()
static std::string GetPersistencePropertyListName ()
static void LoadModule ()
static us::ModuleContext * GetModuleContext ()

Detailed Description

implementation of the IPersistenceService

See also

Definition at line 26 of file mitkPersistenceService.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PersistenceService()

mitk::PersistenceService::PersistenceService ( )

◆ ~PersistenceService()

mitk::PersistenceService::~PersistenceService ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddPropertyListReplacedObserver()

void mitk::PersistenceService::AddPropertyListReplacedObserver ( PropertyListReplacedObserver observer)

adds a observer which is informed if a propertyList gets replaced during a Load() procedure

Implements mitk::IPersistenceService.

◆ Clear()

void mitk::PersistenceService::Clear ( )

◆ GetAutoLoadAndSave()

bool mitk::PersistenceService::GetAutoLoadAndSave ( )
whether AutoLoading is activated or not

Implements mitk::IPersistenceService.

◆ GetDataNodes()

DataStorage::SetOfObjects::Pointer mitk::PersistenceService::GetDataNodes ( DataStorage ds = nullptr)

Creates a vector of DataNodes that contain all PropertyLists. Additionally, the DataNodes will have the property name set to the PropertyList's id and a BoolProperty equal to GetPersistenceNodePropertyName() set to true. If ds is set the returned DataNodes will also be added to that DS.

vector of DataNodes with the described attributes

Implements mitk::IPersistenceService.

◆ GetDefaultPersistenceFile()

std::string mitk::PersistenceService::GetDefaultPersistenceFile ( )

Get the default name of the PersistenceFile (the one that is loaded at startup)

Implements mitk::IPersistenceService.

◆ GetModuleContext()

static us::ModuleContext* mitk::PersistenceService::GetModuleContext ( )

◆ GetPersistenceNodePropertyName()

std::string mitk::PersistenceService::GetPersistenceNodePropertyName ( )
The name of the Bool Property that specifies whether a DataNode is a Node carrying Persistence PropertyLists

Implements mitk::IPersistenceService.

◆ GetPersistencePropertyListName()

static std::string mitk::PersistenceService::GetPersistencePropertyListName ( )

◆ GetPersistencePropertyName()

static std::string mitk::PersistenceService::GetPersistencePropertyName ( )

◆ GetPropertyList()

mitk::PropertyList::Pointer mitk::PersistenceService::GetPropertyList ( std::string &  id,
bool *  existed = nullptr 

If PropertyList with the given id exists, returns it. Otherwise creates a new one and returns it. If id is empty a UUID will be created and set on the variable If existed was passed, it is true if the PropertyList with that id existed, false otherwise

a valid PropertyList with a StringProperty "Id" containing the passed id

Implements mitk::IPersistenceService.

◆ Load()

bool mitk::PersistenceService::Load ( const std::string &  fileName = "",
bool  enforeReload = true 

Load PropertyLists from fileName. If fileName is empty, a special file in the users home directory will be used. If enforeReload is false, the service will take care of modified time flags, i.e. it will not load a file that was loaded before and did not change in the meantime or that was modified by the service itself ATTENTION: If there are PropertyLists with the same id contained in the file, existing PropertyLists will be overwritten!

See also
false if an error occurred (cannot load from file), true otherwise

Implements mitk::IPersistenceService.

◆ LoadModule()

static void mitk::PersistenceService::LoadModule ( )

◆ RemovePropertyList()

bool mitk::PersistenceService::RemovePropertyList ( std::string &  id)

removes the PropertyList with the given id

true if PropertyList existed and could be removed, false otherwise

Implements mitk::IPersistenceService.

◆ RemovePropertyListReplacedObserver()

void mitk::PersistenceService::RemovePropertyListReplacedObserver ( PropertyListReplacedObserver observer)

removes a specific observer

Implements mitk::IPersistenceService.

◆ RestorePropertyListsFromPersistentDataNodes()

bool mitk::PersistenceService::RestorePropertyListsFromPersistentDataNodes ( const DataStorage storage)

Searches storage for persistent DataNodes, extracts and inserts the appended property lists to this service

true if at least one node was found from which a PropertyList could be restored

Implements mitk::IPersistenceService.

◆ Save()

bool mitk::PersistenceService::Save ( const std::string &  fileName = "",
bool  appendChanges = false 

Save the current PropertyLists to fileName. If fileName is empty, a special file in the users home directory will be used. if appendchanges is true, the file will not replaced but first loaded, then overwritten and then replaced

false if an error occurred (cannot write to file), true otherwise

Implements mitk::IPersistenceService.

◆ SetAutoLoadAndSave()

void mitk::PersistenceService::SetAutoLoadAndSave ( bool  autoLoadAndSave)

Using SetAutoLoadAndSave(true) will cause the service to load/save the property lists at application start/stop.

Implements mitk::IPersistenceService.

◆ Unitialize()

void mitk::PersistenceService::Unitialize ( )

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