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mitk::ModelParameterizerBase Class Referenceabstract

#include <mitkModelParameterizerBase.h>

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Public Types

typedef ModelParameterizerBase Self
typedef itk::Object Superclass
typedef itk::SmartPointer< SelfPointer
typedef itk::SmartPointer< const SelfConstPointer
typedef ModelBase ModelBaseType
typedef ModelBaseType::Pointer ModelBasePointer
typedef ModelBaseType::ParametersType ParametersType
typedef ModelBaseType::StaticParameterValueType StaticParameterValueType
typedef ModelBaseType::StaticParameterValuesType StaticParameterValuesType
typedef ModelBaseType::StaticParameterMapType StaticParameterMapType
typedef ModelBaseType::TimeGridType TimeGridType
typedef ::itk::Index< 3 > IndexType
- Public Types inherited from mitk::ModelTraitsInterface
typedef itk::Array< double > ModelResultType
using ParameterValueType = double
typedef itk::Array< ParameterValueTypeParametersType
typedef std::string ParameterNameType
typedef std::vector< ParameterNameTypeParameterNamesType
typedef ParametersType::SizeValueType ParametersSizeType
typedef ParameterNamesType DerivedParameterNamesType
typedef ParametersSizeType DerivedParametersSizeType
typedef std::map< ParameterNameType, double > ParamterScaleMapType
typedef std::map< ParameterNameType, std::string > ParamterUnitMapType
typedef std::map< ParameterNameType, double > DerivedParamterScaleMapType
typedef std::map< ParameterNameType, std::string > DerivedParamterUnitMapType
typedef std::string FunctionStringType
typedef std::string ModellClassIDType

Public Member Functions

virtual const char * GetClassName () const
virtual StaticParameterMapType GetGlobalStaticParameters () const =0
virtual StaticParameterMapType GetLocalStaticParameters (const IndexType &currentPosition) const =0
ParametersType GetInitialParameterization () const
ParametersType GetInitialParameterization (const IndexType &currentPosition) const
virtual ParametersType GetDefaultInitialParameterization () const =0
void SetInitialParameterizationDelegate (const InitialParameterizationDelegateBase *delegate)
virtual ModelBasePointer GenerateParameterizedModel (const IndexType &currentPosition) const =0
virtual ModelBasePointer GenerateParameterizedModel () const =0
virtual void SetDefaultTimeGrid (TimeGridType _arg)
virtual const TimeGridTypeGetDefaultTimeGrid ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from mitk::ModelTraitsInterface
virtual ParameterNamesType GetParameterNames () const =0
virtual ParametersSizeType GetNumberOfParameters () const =0
virtual ParamterScaleMapType GetParameterScales () const =0
virtual ParamterUnitMapType GetParameterUnits () const =0
virtual DerivedParameterNamesType GetDerivedParameterNames () const =0
virtual DerivedParametersSizeType GetNumberOfDerivedParameters () const =0
virtual DerivedParamterScaleMapType GetDerivedParameterScales () const =0
virtual DerivedParamterUnitMapType GetDerivedParameterUnits () const =0
virtual std::string GetModelDisplayName () const =0
virtual std::string GetModelType () const =0
virtual FunctionStringType GetFunctionString () const =0
virtual ModellClassIDType GetClassID () const =0
virtual std::string GetXName () const =0
virtual std::string GetXAxisName () const =0
virtual std::string GetXAxisUnit () const =0
virtual std::string GetYAxisName () const =0
virtual std::string GetYAxisUnit () const =0

Protected Member Functions

 ModelParameterizerBase ()
 ~ModelParameterizerBase () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mitk::ModelTraitsInterface
 ModelTraitsInterface ()
virtual ~ModelTraitsInterface ()

Protected Attributes

InitialParameterizationDelegateBase::ConstPointer m_InitialDelegate
TimeGridType m_DefaultTimeGrid

Detailed Description

Base class for all model parameterizers Model parameterizers are used to offer a generic api to generate/bind models with specific global static and local static parameters in order to utilize the model correctly.

  • Global static parameter: parameters that are the same for a model independent of the spatial position (in image space) that should be modeled (e.g. parameter "Tau" for the DescriptivePharmacokineticBrixModel)
  • Local static parameter: parameters that are specific for the spatial position (in image space) that should be modeled (e.g. parameter "S0" for the DescriptivePharmacokineticBrixModel)

Definition at line 36 of file mitkModelParameterizerBase.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ConstPointer

◆ IndexType

◆ ModelBasePointer

◆ ModelBaseType

◆ ParametersType

◆ Pointer

◆ Self

◆ StaticParameterMapType

◆ StaticParameterValuesType

◆ StaticParameterValueType

◆ Superclass

Definition at line 40 of file mitkModelParameterizerBase.h.

◆ TimeGridType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ModelParameterizerBase()

mitk::ModelParameterizerBase::ModelParameterizerBase ( )

◆ ~ModelParameterizerBase()

mitk::ModelParameterizerBase::~ModelParameterizerBase ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GenerateParameterizedModel() [1/2]

virtual ModelBasePointer mitk::ModelParameterizerBase::GenerateParameterizedModel ( ) const
pure virtual

Generate model instance, only with global static parametrization. Any local static parameter stay default.

Implemented in mitk::ConcreteModelParameterizerBase< TModel >.

◆ GenerateParameterizedModel() [2/2]

◆ GetClassName()

◆ GetDefaultInitialParameterization()

◆ GetDefaultTimeGrid()

virtual const TimeGridType& mitk::ModelParameterizerBase::GetDefaultTimeGrid ( )

◆ GetGlobalStaticParameters()

◆ GetInitialParameterization() [1/2]

ParametersType mitk::ModelParameterizerBase::GetInitialParameterization ( ) const

Returns the parameterization (e.g. initial parametrization for fitting) that should be used. If no ParameterizationDelegate is set (see SetInitialParameterizationDelegate()) it will just return the result of GetInitialParameterization().

◆ GetInitialParameterization() [2/2]

ParametersType mitk::ModelParameterizerBase::GetInitialParameterization ( const IndexType currentPosition) const

◆ GetLocalStaticParameters()

virtual StaticParameterMapType mitk::ModelParameterizerBase::GetLocalStaticParameters ( const IndexType currentPosition) const
pure virtual

◆ SetDefaultTimeGrid()

virtual void mitk::ModelParameterizerBase::SetDefaultTimeGrid ( TimeGridType  _arg)

◆ SetInitialParameterizationDelegate()

void mitk::ModelParameterizerBase::SetInitialParameterizationDelegate ( const InitialParameterizationDelegateBase delegate)

Possibility to set a custom strategy for defining the initial parameterization via a delegate.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_DefaultTimeGrid

TimeGridType mitk::ModelParameterizerBase::m_DefaultTimeGrid

The default time grid that should be set to generated models.

Definition at line 91 of file mitkModelParameterizerBase.h.

Referenced by mitk::ConcreteModelParameterizerBase< mitk::ExponentialDecayModel >::GenerateParameterizedModel().

◆ m_InitialDelegate

InitialParameterizationDelegateBase::ConstPointer mitk::ModelParameterizerBase::m_InitialDelegate

Definition at line 88 of file mitkModelParameterizerBase.h.

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