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mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator Class Reference

Class for calculating the volume (or area) for each label in a labeled image. More...

#include <mitkLabeledImageVolumeCalculator.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::vector< double > VolumeVector
typedef std::vector< Point3DPointVector

Public Member Functions

 mitkClassMacroItkParent (LabeledImageVolumeCalculator, itk::Object)
Pointer Clone () const
virtual void SetImage (const mitk::Image *_arg)
virtual void Calculate ()
double GetVolume (unsigned int label) const
const Point3DGetCentroid (unsigned int label) const
const VolumeVectorGetVolumes () const
const PointVectorGetCentroids () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Pointer New ()

Protected Member Functions

 LabeledImageVolumeCalculator ()
 ~LabeledImageVolumeCalculator () override
template<typename TPixel , unsigned int VImageDimension>
void _InternalCalculateVolumes (itk::Image< TPixel, VImageDimension > *image, LabeledImageVolumeCalculator *volumeCalculator, BaseGeometry *geometry)

Protected Attributes

ImageTimeSelector::Pointer m_InputTimeSelector
Image::ConstPointer m_Image
VolumeVector m_VolumeVector
PointVector m_CentroidVector
Point3D m_DummyPoint

Detailed Description

Class for calculating the volume (or area) for each label in a labeled image.

Labels are expected to be of an unsigned integer type.

TODO: Extend class for time resolved images

Definition at line 34 of file mitkLabeledImageVolumeCalculator.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ PointVector

◆ VolumeVector

Definition at line 37 of file mitkLabeledImageVolumeCalculator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LabeledImageVolumeCalculator()

mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator ( )

◆ ~LabeledImageVolumeCalculator()

mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::~LabeledImageVolumeCalculator ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ _InternalCalculateVolumes()

template<typename TPixel , unsigned int VImageDimension>
void mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::_InternalCalculateVolumes ( itk::Image< TPixel, VImageDimension > *  image,
LabeledImageVolumeCalculator volumeCalculator,
BaseGeometry geometry 

◆ Calculate()

virtual void mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::Calculate ( )

◆ Clone()

Pointer mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::Clone ( ) const

◆ GetCentroid()

const Point3D& mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::GetCentroid ( unsigned int  label) const

◆ GetCentroids()

const PointVector& mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::GetCentroids ( ) const

◆ GetVolume()

double mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::GetVolume ( unsigned int  label) const

◆ GetVolumes()

const VolumeVector& mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::GetVolumes ( ) const

◆ mitkClassMacroItkParent()

mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::mitkClassMacroItkParent ( LabeledImageVolumeCalculator  ,

◆ New()

static Pointer mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::New ( )

◆ SetImage()

virtual void mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::SetImage ( const mitk::Image _arg)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_CentroidVector

PointVector mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::m_CentroidVector

Definition at line 70 of file mitkLabeledImageVolumeCalculator.h.

◆ m_DummyPoint

Point3D mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::m_DummyPoint

Definition at line 72 of file mitkLabeledImageVolumeCalculator.h.

◆ m_Image

Image::ConstPointer mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::m_Image

Definition at line 67 of file mitkLabeledImageVolumeCalculator.h.

◆ m_InputTimeSelector

ImageTimeSelector::Pointer mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::m_InputTimeSelector

Definition at line 65 of file mitkLabeledImageVolumeCalculator.h.

◆ m_VolumeVector

VolumeVector mitk::LabeledImageVolumeCalculator::m_VolumeVector

Definition at line 69 of file mitkLabeledImageVolumeCalculator.h.

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