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mitk::ConstraintCheckerInterface Class Referenceabstract

#include <mitkConstraintCheckerInterface.h>

Inheritance diagram for mitk::ConstraintCheckerInterface:

Public Types

typedef ConstraintCheckerInterface Self
typedef double PenaltyValueType
typedef itk::Array< PenaltyValueTypePenaltyArrayType
typedef itk::Array< double > SignalType
typedef ModelBase::ParametersType ParametersType

Public Member Functions

virtual PenaltyArrayType GetPenalties (const ParametersType &parameters) const =0
virtual PenaltyValueType GetPenaltySum (const ParametersType &parameters) const =0
virtual unsigned int GetNumberOfConstraints () const =0
virtual PenaltyValueType GetFailedConstraintValue () const =0

Protected Member Functions

 ConstraintCheckerInterface ()
virtual ~ConstraintCheckerInterface ()

Detailed Description

Interface class that is implemented by all constraint checkers that are used in the context of model fitting.

All functions of the interface must be implemented thread save because it will be used in a multi threaded environment.

Definition at line 26 of file mitkConstraintCheckerInterface.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ParametersType

◆ PenaltyArrayType

◆ PenaltyValueType

◆ Self

◆ SignalType

Definition at line 34 of file mitkConstraintCheckerInterface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConstraintCheckerInterface()

mitk::ConstraintCheckerInterface::ConstraintCheckerInterface ( )

Definition at line 56 of file mitkConstraintCheckerInterface.h.

◆ ~ConstraintCheckerInterface()

virtual mitk::ConstraintCheckerInterface::~ConstraintCheckerInterface ( )

Definition at line 59 of file mitkConstraintCheckerInterface.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetFailedConstraintValue()

virtual PenaltyValueType mitk::ConstraintCheckerInterface::GetFailedConstraintValue ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the penalty value that indicates at least one failed constrained.

Implemented in mitk::SimpleBarrierConstraintChecker.

◆ GetNumberOfConstraints()

virtual unsigned int mitk::ConstraintCheckerInterface::GetNumberOfConstraints ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns the number of defined constraints, that will be checked. Thus also the size of the penalty vector.

Implemented in mitk::SimpleBarrierConstraintChecker.

◆ GetPenalties()

virtual PenaltyArrayType mitk::ConstraintCheckerInterface::GetPenalties ( const ParametersType parameters) const
pure virtual

Returns the penalties for all defined constraints.

defined constraints must address valid parameters in the passed parameters set.
the result vector has the size given by GetNumberOfConstraints().

◆ GetPenaltySum()

virtual PenaltyValueType mitk::ConstraintCheckerInterface::GetPenaltySum ( const ParametersType parameters) const
pure virtual

Returns the sum of all penalties.

defined constraints must address valid parameters in the passed parameters set.

Implemented in mitk::ConstraintCheckerBase.

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