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mitk::AbstractAnnotationRenderer Class Reference

Baseclass of Annotation layouters An AbstractAnnotationRenderer can be implemented to control a set of Annotation by means of position and size. More...

#include <mitkAbstractAnnotationRenderer.h>

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Public Types

typedef us::ServiceTracker< AnnotationSuperclass
- Public Types inherited from us::ServiceTracker< Annotation >
typedef Annotation ServiceType
 The type of the service being tracked. More...
typedef TrackedTypeTraits< Annotation,Annotation * > ::TrackedType T
 The type of the tracked object. More...
typedef ServiceReference< Annotation > ServiceReferenceType
typedef std::map< ServiceReference< Annotation >, TTrackingMap

Public Member Functions

 AbstractAnnotationRenderer (const std::string &rendererID, const std::string &arID)
 ~AbstractAnnotationRenderer () override
 virtual destructor in order to derive from this class More...
const std::string GetID () const
const std::string GetRendererID () const
void CurrentBaseRendererChanged ()
virtual void OnRenderWindowModified ()
void RemoveAllAnnotation ()
void Update ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from us::ServiceTracker< Annotation >
 ~ServiceTracker () override
 ServiceTracker (ModuleContext *context, const ServiceReferenceType &reference, ServiceTrackerCustomizer< Annotation, T > *customizer=nullptr)
 ServiceTracker (ModuleContext *context, const std::string &clazz, ServiceTrackerCustomizer< Annotation, T > *customizer=0)
 ServiceTracker (ModuleContext *context, const LDAPFilter &filter, ServiceTrackerCustomizer< Annotation, T > *customizer=nullptr)
 ServiceTracker (ModuleContext *context, ServiceTrackerCustomizer< Annotation, T > *customizer=nullptr)
virtual void Open ()
virtual void Close ()
virtual T WaitForService (unsigned long timeoutMillis=0)
virtual std::vector< ServiceReferenceTypeGetServiceReferences () const
virtual ServiceReferenceType GetServiceReference () const
virtual T GetService (const ServiceReferenceType &reference) const
virtual T GetService () const
virtual std::vector< TGetServices () const
virtual void Remove (const ServiceReferenceType &reference)
virtual int Size () const
virtual int GetTrackingCount () const
virtual void GetTracked (TrackingMap &tracked) const
virtual bool IsEmpty () const

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string US_INTERFACE_NAME
static const std::string US_PROPKEY_ID
static const std::string US_PROPKEY_RENDERER_ID

Protected Member Functions

BaseRendererGetCurrentBaseRenderer ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from us::ServiceTracker< Annotation >
T AddingService (const ServiceReferenceType &reference) override
void ModifiedService (const ServiceReferenceType &reference, T service) override
void RemovedService (const ServiceReferenceType &reference, T service) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from us::ServiceTrackerCustomizer< S, T >
virtual ~ServiceTrackerCustomizer ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from us::ServiceTrackerCustomizer< S, T >
typedef S ServiceType
typedef T TrackedType
typedef ServiceReference< ServiceTypeServiceReferenceType

Detailed Description

Baseclass of Annotation layouters An AbstractAnnotationRenderer can be implemented to control a set of Annotation by means of position and size.

Definition at line 31 of file mitkAbstractAnnotationRenderer.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Superclass

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AbstractAnnotationRenderer()

mitk::AbstractAnnotationRenderer::AbstractAnnotationRenderer ( const std::string &  rendererID,
const std::string &  arID 

◆ ~AbstractAnnotationRenderer()

mitk::AbstractAnnotationRenderer::~AbstractAnnotationRenderer ( )

virtual destructor in order to derive from this class

Definition at line 35 of file mitkAbstractAnnotationRenderer.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CurrentBaseRendererChanged()

void mitk::AbstractAnnotationRenderer::CurrentBaseRendererChanged ( )

◆ GetCurrentBaseRenderer()

BaseRenderer * mitk::AbstractAnnotationRenderer::GetCurrentBaseRenderer ( )

◆ GetID()

const std::string mitk::AbstractAnnotationRenderer::GetID ( ) const

◆ GetRendererID()

const std::string mitk::AbstractAnnotationRenderer::GetRendererID ( ) const

◆ OnRenderWindowModified()

virtual void mitk::AbstractAnnotationRenderer::OnRenderWindowModified ( )

Reimplemented in mitk::LayoutAnnotationRenderer.

Definition at line 45 of file mitkAbstractAnnotationRenderer.h.

References Update().

◆ RemoveAllAnnotation()

void mitk::AbstractAnnotationRenderer::RemoveAllAnnotation ( )

◆ Update()

void mitk::AbstractAnnotationRenderer::Update ( )

Member Data Documentation


const std::string mitk::AbstractAnnotationRenderer::US_INTERFACE_NAME


const std::string mitk::AbstractAnnotationRenderer::US_PROPKEY_ID


const std::string mitk::AbstractAnnotationRenderer::US_PROPKEY_RENDERER_ID

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