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QmitkAbstractRenderEditor Class Reference

A convenient base class for MITK render window BlueBerry Editors. More...

#include <QmitkAbstractRenderEditor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 berryObjectMacro (QmitkAbstractRenderEditor, QtEditorPart, mitk::IRenderWindowPart)
mitk::TimePointType GetSelectedTimePoint (const QString &id=QString()) const override
 QmitkAbstractRenderEditor ()
 ~QmitkAbstractRenderEditor () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from berry::QtEditorPart
 berryObjectMacro (QtEditorPart, EditorPart)
void CreatePartControl (QWidget *parent) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from berry::EditorPart
 berryObjectMacro (EditorPart, WorkbenchPart, IEditorPart)
IEditorInput::Pointer GetEditorInput () const override
IEditorSite::Pointer GetEditorSite () const override
QString GetTitleToolTip () const override
bool IsSaveOnCloseNeeded () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from berry::WorkbenchPart
 berryObjectMacro (WorkbenchPart, QObject, IWorkbenchPart, IExecutableExtension)
 ~WorkbenchPart () override
void AddPropertyListener (IPropertyChangeListener *l) override
void RemovePropertyListener (IPropertyChangeListener *l) override
void SetPartProperty (const QString &key, const QString &value) override
QString GetPartProperty (const QString &key) const override
const QHash< QString, QString > & GetPartProperties () const override
void SetInitializationData (const IConfigurationElement::Pointer &cfig, const QString &propertyName, const Object::Pointer &data) override
void SetFocus () override=0
IWorkbenchPartSite::Pointer GetSite () const override
QString GetPartName () const override
QString GetContentDescription () const override
QIcon GetTitleImage () const override
QString GetTitleToolTip () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from berry::IWorkbenchPart
 berryObjectMacro (berry::IWorkbenchPart, Object)
 ~IWorkbenchPart () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from berry::Object
virtual QString GetClassName () const
virtual Reflection::TypeInfo GetTypeInfo () const
virtual QList< Reflection::TypeInfoGetSuperclasses () const
virtual void Delete ()
QDebug Print (QDebug os, Indent Indent=0) const
virtual QString ToString () const
virtual uint HashCode () const
virtual bool operator< (const Object *) const
void Register () const
void UnRegister (bool del=true) const
int GetReferenceCount () const
void SetReferenceCount (int)
void AddDestroyListener (const MessageAbstractDelegate<> &delegate) const
void RemoveDestroyListener (const MessageAbstractDelegate<> &delegate) const
virtual bool operator== (const Object *) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from berry::IExecutableExtension
virtual ~IExecutableExtension ()
virtual void SetInitializationData (const SmartPointer< IConfigurationElement > &config, const QString &propertyName, const Object::Pointer &data)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from berry::IEditorPart
 berryObjectMacro (berry::IEditorPart, IWorkbenchPart, ISaveablePart)
 ~IEditorPart () override
virtual void Init (SmartPointer< IEditorSite > site, SmartPointer< IEditorInput > input)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from berry::ISaveablePart
 berryObjectMacro (berry::ISaveablePart)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mitk::IRenderWindowPart
virtual ~IRenderWindowPart ()
virtual QmitkRenderWindowGetActiveQmitkRenderWindow () const =0
virtual QHash< QString, QmitkRenderWindow * > GetQmitkRenderWindows () const =0
virtual QmitkRenderWindowGetQmitkRenderWindow (const QString &id) const =0
virtual QmitkRenderWindowGetQmitkRenderWindow (const mitk::AnatomicalPlane &orientation) const =0
virtual void InitializeViews (const mitk::TimeGeometry *geometry, bool resetCamera)=0
 Initialize the render windows of this render window part to the given geometry. More...
virtual void SetInteractionReferenceGeometry (const mitk::TimeGeometry *referenceGeometry)=0
 Define the reference geometry for interaction withing a render window. More...
virtual bool HasCoupledRenderWindows () const =0
 Returns true if the render windows are coupled; false if not. More...
virtual mitk::Point3D GetSelectedPosition (const QString &id=QString()) const =0
virtual void SetSelectedPosition (const mitk::Point3D &pos, const QString &id=QString())=0
virtual void EnableDecorations (bool enable, const QStringList &decorations=QStringList())=0
virtual bool IsDecorationEnabled (const QString &decoration) const =0
virtual QStringList GetDecorations () const =0

Protected Member Functions

void Init (berry::IEditorSite::Pointer site, berry::IEditorInput::Pointer input) override
virtual mitk::IDataStorageReference::Pointer GetDataStorageReference () const
virtual mitk::DataStorage::Pointer GetDataStorage () const
virtual mitk::IPreferencesGetPreferences () const
mitk::IRenderingManagerGetRenderingManager () const override
void RequestUpdate (mitk::RenderingManager::RequestType requestType=mitk::RenderingManager::REQUEST_UPDATE_ALL) override
void ForceImmediateUpdate (mitk::RenderingManager::RequestType requestType=mitk::RenderingManager::REQUEST_UPDATE_ALL) override
mitk::TimeNavigationControllerGetTimeNavigationController () const override
void DoSave () override
void DoSaveAs () override
bool IsDirty () const override
bool IsSaveAsAllowed () const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from berry::QtEditorPart
virtual void CreateQtPartControl (QWidget *parent)=0
- Protected Member Functions inherited from berry::EditorPart
 EditorPart ()
virtual void SetInput (IEditorInput::Pointer input)
virtual void SetInputWithNotify (IEditorInput::Pointer input)
void SetContentDescription (const QString &description) override
void SetPartName (const QString &partName) override
void CheckSite (IWorkbenchPartSite::Pointer site) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from berry::WorkbenchPart
 WorkbenchPart ()
IConfigurationElement::Pointer GetConfigurationElement () const
void SetSite (IWorkbenchPartSite::Pointer site)
virtual void SetTitleImage (const QIcon &titleImage)
virtual void SetTitleToolTip (const QString &toolTip)
void FirePropertyChanged (const QString &key, const QString &oldValue, const QString &newValue)
void FirePropertyChange (int propertyId)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from berry::Object
 Object ()
virtual ~Object ()
virtual QDebug PrintSelf (QDebug os, Indent indent) const
virtual QDebug PrintHeader (QDebug os, Indent indent) const
virtual QDebug PrintTrailer (QDebug os, Indent indent) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from berry::Object
typedef Object Self
typedef berry::SmartPointer< SelfPointer
typedef berry::SmartPointer< const SelfConstPointer
typedef berry::WeakPointer< SelfWeakPtr
typedef berry::WeakPointer< const SelfConstWeakPtr
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from berry::Object
static const char * GetStaticClassName ()
static Reflection::TypeInfo GetStaticTypeInfo ()
static QList< Reflection::TypeInfoGetStaticSuperclasses ()
- Static Public Attributes inherited from berry::ISaveablePart
static const int PROP_DIRTY
- Static Public Attributes inherited from mitk::IRenderWindowPart
static const QString DECORATION_BORDER
static const QString DECORATION_LOGO
static const QString DECORATION_MENU
- Protected Attributes inherited from berry::Object
QAtomicInt m_ReferenceCount
QMutex m_ReferenceCountLock

Detailed Description

A convenient base class for MITK render window BlueBerry Editors.

QmitkAbstractRenderEditor provides several convenience methods that ease the introduction of a new editor for rendering a MITK DataStorage:

  1. Access to the DataStorage (~ the shared data repository)
  2. Access to and update notification for the editor's preferences
  3. Default implementation of some mitk::IRenderWindowPart methods

When inheriting from QmitkAbstractRenderEditor, you must implement the following methods:

You may reimplement the following private virtual methods to be notified about certain changes:

  • void OnPreferencesChanged(const mitk::IPreferences*)
See also

Definition at line 61 of file QmitkAbstractRenderEditor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QmitkAbstractRenderEditor()

QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::QmitkAbstractRenderEditor ( )

◆ ~QmitkAbstractRenderEditor()

QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::~QmitkAbstractRenderEditor ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ berryObjectMacro()

QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::berryObjectMacro ( QmitkAbstractRenderEditor  ,
QtEditorPart  ,

◆ DoSave()

void QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::DoSave ( )

◆ DoSaveAs()

void QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::DoSaveAs ( )

◆ ForceImmediateUpdate()

void QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::ForceImmediateUpdate ( mitk::RenderingManager::RequestType  requestType = mitk::RenderingManager::REQUEST_UPDATE_ALL)

Force an immediate update of this editor's render windows. This implementation calls mitk::IRenderingManager::ForceImmediateUpdate() on the rendering manager interface returned by GetRenderingManager();

requestTypeThe type of render windows for which an immediate update is forced.
See also

Implements mitk::IRenderWindowPart.

◆ GetDataStorage()

virtual mitk::DataStorage::Pointer QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::GetDataStorage ( ) const

Get the DataStorage set by the editor input.

◆ GetDataStorageReference()

virtual mitk::IDataStorageReference::Pointer QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::GetDataStorageReference ( ) const

Get a reference to the DataStorage set by the editor input.

◆ GetPreferences()

virtual mitk::IPreferences* QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::GetPreferences ( ) const

Get the preferences for this editor.

◆ GetRenderingManager()

mitk::IRenderingManager* QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::GetRenderingManager ( ) const

Get the RenderingManager used by this editor. This default implementation uses the global MITK RenderingManager provided by mitk::RenderingManager::GetInstance().

See also

Implements mitk::IRenderWindowPart.

◆ GetSelectedTimePoint()

mitk::TimePointType QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::GetSelectedTimePoint ( const QString &  id = QString()) const
See also
mitk::IRenderWindowPart::GetSelectedTimePoint() This default implementation assumes that all renderer use the same TimeNavigationControl provided by this class (GetTimeNavigationControl()).

Implements mitk::IRenderWindowPart.

◆ GetTimeNavigationController()

mitk::TimeNavigationController* QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::GetTimeNavigationController ( ) const

Get the time navigation controller for this editor. This implementation returns the TimeNavigationController returned by the mitk::IRenderingManager::GetTimeNavigationController() method of the interface implementation returned by GetRenderingManager().

See also

Implements mitk::IRenderWindowPart.

◆ Init()

void QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::Init ( berry::IEditorSite::Pointer  site,
berry::IEditorInput::Pointer  input 

Initializes this editor by checking for a valid mitk::DataStorageEditorInput as input.

See also

Implements berry::EditorPart.

◆ IsDirty()

bool QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::IsDirty ( ) const

◆ IsSaveAsAllowed()

bool QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::IsSaveAsAllowed ( ) const

◆ RequestUpdate()

void QmitkAbstractRenderEditor::RequestUpdate ( mitk::RenderingManager::RequestType  requestType = mitk::RenderingManager::REQUEST_UPDATE_ALL)

Request an update of this editor's render windows. This implementation calls mitk::IRenderingManager::RequestUpdate on the rendering manager interface returned by GetRenderingManager();

requestTypeThe type of render windows for which an update is requested.
See also

Implements mitk::IRenderWindowPart.

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