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us::TrackedTypeTraitsBase< T, TTT > Struct Template Reference

#include <usServiceTracker.h>

Inheritance diagram for us::TrackedTypeTraitsBase< T, TTT >:

Public Types

typedef T TrackedType

Static Public Member Functions

static TrackedType ConvertToTrackedType (const InterfaceMap &)
static TrackedType ConvertToTrackedType (void *)

Detailed Description

template<class T, class TTT>
struct us::TrackedTypeTraitsBase< T, TTT >

A base class template for type traits for objects tracked by a ServiceTracker instance. It provides the TrackedType typedef and two dummy method definitions.

Tracked type traits (TTT) classes must additionally provide the following methods:

  • static bool IsValid(const TrackedType& t) Returns true if t is a valid object, false otherwise.
  • static void Dispose(TrackedType& t) Clears any resources held by the tracked object t.
  • static TrackedType DefaultValue() Returns the default value for newly created tracked objects.
Template Parameters
TThe type of the tracked object.
TTTThe tracked type traits class deriving from this class.
See also

Definition at line 60 of file usServiceTracker.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ TrackedType

template<class T , class TTT >
typedef T us::TrackedTypeTraitsBase< T, TTT >::TrackedType

Definition at line 62 of file usServiceTracker.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ConvertToTrackedType() [1/2]

template<class T , class TTT >
static TrackedType us::TrackedTypeTraitsBase< T, TTT >::ConvertToTrackedType ( const InterfaceMap )

Definition at line 65 of file usServiceTracker.h.

◆ ConvertToTrackedType() [2/2]

template<class T , class TTT >
static TrackedType us::TrackedTypeTraitsBase< T, TTT >::ConvertToTrackedType ( void *  )

Definition at line 72 of file usServiceTracker.h.

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