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berry::IPerspectiveRegistry Struct Referenceabstract

#include <berryIPerspectiveRegistry.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IPerspectiveRegistry ()
virtual IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer CreatePerspective (const QString &label, IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer originalDescriptor)=0
virtual IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer ClonePerspective (const QString &id, const QString &label, IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer desc)=0
virtual void DeletePerspective (IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer persp)=0
virtual IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer FindPerspectiveWithId (const QString &perspectiveId)=0
virtual IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer FindPerspectiveWithLabel (const QString &label)=0
virtual QString GetDefaultPerspective ()=0
virtual QList< IPerspectiveDescriptor::PointerGetPerspectives ()=0
virtual void SetDefaultPerspective (const QString &id)=0
virtual void RevertPerspective (IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer perspToRevert)=0

Detailed Description

The workbench's global registry of perspectives.

This registry contains a descriptor for each perspectives in the workbench. It is initially populated with stock perspectives from the workbench's perspective extension point ("org.blueberry.ui.perspectives") and with custom perspectives defined by the user.

This interface is not intended to be implemented by clients.

See also

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IPerspectiveRegistry()

virtual berry::IPerspectiveRegistry::~IPerspectiveRegistry ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClonePerspective()

virtual IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer berry::IPerspectiveRegistry::ClonePerspective ( const QString &  id,
const QString &  label,
IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer  desc 
pure virtual

Clones an existing perspective.

idthe id for the cloned perspective, which must not already be used by any registered perspective
labelthe label assigned to the cloned perspective
descthe perspective to clone
the cloned perspective descriptor
IllegalArgumentExceptionif there is already a perspective with the given id

◆ CreatePerspective()

virtual IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer berry::IPerspectiveRegistry::CreatePerspective ( const QString &  label,
IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer  originalDescriptor 
pure virtual

Create a new perspective.

labelthe label assigned to the new perspective
originalDescriptorthe descriptor on which to base the new descriptor
a new perspective descriptor or null if the creation failed.

◆ DeletePerspective()

virtual void berry::IPerspectiveRegistry::DeletePerspective ( IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer  persp)
pure virtual

Deletes a perspective. Has no effect if the perspective is defined in an extension.

perspthe perspective to delete

◆ FindPerspectiveWithId()

virtual IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer berry::IPerspectiveRegistry::FindPerspectiveWithId ( const QString &  perspectiveId)
pure virtual

Finds and returns the registered perspective with the given perspective id.

perspectiveIdthe perspective id
the perspective, or null if none
See also

◆ FindPerspectiveWithLabel()

virtual IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer berry::IPerspectiveRegistry::FindPerspectiveWithLabel ( const QString &  label)
pure virtual

Finds and returns the registered perspective with the given label.

labelthe label
the perspective, or null if none
See also

◆ GetDefaultPerspective()

virtual QString berry::IPerspectiveRegistry::GetDefaultPerspective ( )
pure virtual

Returns the id of the default perspective for the workbench. This identifies one perspective extension within the workbench's perspective registry.

Returns null if there is no default perspective.

the default perspective id, or null

◆ GetPerspectives()

virtual QList<IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer> berry::IPerspectiveRegistry::GetPerspectives ( )
pure virtual

Returns a list of the perspectives known to the workbench.

a list of perspectives

◆ RevertPerspective()

virtual void berry::IPerspectiveRegistry::RevertPerspective ( IPerspectiveDescriptor::Pointer  perspToRevert)
pure virtual

Reverts a perspective back to its original definition as specified in the plug-in manifest.

perspToRevertthe perspective to revert

◆ SetDefaultPerspective()

virtual void berry::IPerspectiveRegistry::SetDefaultPerspective ( const QString &  id)
pure virtual

Sets the default perspective for the workbench to the given perspective id. If non-null, the id must correspond to a perspective extension within the workbench's perspective registry.

A null id indicates no default perspective.

ida perspective id, or null

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