Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2023.04.99-980ed1b6
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
mitkUnstructuredGridClusteringFilter.h File Reference
#include <MitkAlgorithmsExtExports.h>
#include <mitkCommon.h>
#include <mitkUnstructuredGrid.h>
#include <mitkUnstructuredGridToUnstructuredGridFilter.h>
#include <vtkIdList.h>
#include <vtkPoints.h>
#include <vtkSmartPointer.h>

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class  mitk::UnstructuredGridClusteringFilter
 This filter uses the DBSCAN algorithm for clustering an mitk::UnstructuredGrid. "MinPts" defines the number of neighbours which are required to be a kernel point if a point is in range of a kernel point but hasnt enough neighbours this point is added to the cluster but is a density reachable point and the cluster ends at this point. "eps" is the range in which the neighbours are searched. If "Meshing" is set the clusteres UnstructuredGrid is meshed and visible in 2D renderwindows. More...


 DataCollection - Class to facilitate loading/accessing structured data.