Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2023.04.99-859410e3
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
mitkContourModel.h File Reference
#include "mitkBaseData.h"
#include "mitkCommon.h"
#include <MitkContourModelExports.h>
#include <mitkContourElement.h>

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class  mitk::ContourModel
 ContourModel is a structure of linked vertices defining a contour in 3D space. The vertices are stored in a mitk::ContourElement for each timestep. The contour line segments are implicitly defined by the given linked vertices. By default two control points are linked by a straight line. It is possible to add vertices at the front and end of the contour and to iterate in both directions. More...


 Find image slices visible on a given plane.


 mitk::itkEventMacroDeclaration (ContourModelEvent, itk::AnyEvent)
 mitk::itkEventMacroDeclaration (ContourModelShiftEvent, ContourModelEvent)
 mitk::itkEventMacroDeclaration (ContourModelSizeChangeEvent, ContourModelEvent)
 mitk::itkEventMacroDeclaration (ContourModelAddEvent, ContourModelSizeChangeEvent)
 mitk::itkEventMacroDeclaration (ContourModelRemoveEvent, ContourModelSizeChangeEvent)
 mitk::itkEventMacroDeclaration (ContourModelExpandTimeBoundsEvent, ContourModelEvent)
 mitk::itkEventMacroDeclaration (ContourModelClosedEvent, ContourModelEvent)