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berry::QtSelectionProvider Class Reference

#include <berryQtSelectionProvider.h>

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Public Member Functions

 berryObjectMacro (QtSelectionProvider)
 QtSelectionProvider ()
void AddSelectionChangedListener (ISelectionChangedListener *listener) override
void RemoveSelectionChangedListener (ISelectionChangedListener *listener) override
ISelection::ConstPointer GetSelection () const override
void SetSelection (const ISelection::ConstPointer &selection) override
virtual void SetSelection (const ISelection::ConstPointer &selection, QItemSelectionModel::SelectionFlags)
QItemSelection GetQItemSelection () const
void SetQItemSelection (const QItemSelection &selection)
QItemSelectionModel * GetItemSelectionModel () const
void SetItemSelectionModel (QItemSelectionModel *combo)
- Public Member Functions inherited from berry::ISelectionProvider
 berryObjectMacro (berry::ISelectionProvider)
 ~ISelectionProvider () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from berry::Object
virtual QString GetClassName () const
virtual Reflection::TypeInfo GetTypeInfo () const
virtual QList< Reflection::TypeInfoGetSuperclasses () const
virtual void Delete ()
QDebug Print (QDebug os, Indent Indent=0) const
virtual QString ToString () const
virtual uint HashCode () const
virtual bool operator< (const Object *) const
void Register () const
void UnRegister (bool del=true) const
int GetReferenceCount () const
void SetReferenceCount (int)
void AddDestroyListener (const MessageAbstractDelegate<> &delegate) const
void RemoveDestroyListener (const MessageAbstractDelegate<> &delegate) const
virtual bool operator== (const Object *) const

Protected Slots

virtual void FireSelectionChanged (const QItemSelection &selected, const QItemSelection &deselected)

Protected Attributes

ISelectionChangedListener::Events selectionEvents
QItemSelectionModel * qSelectionModel
- Protected Attributes inherited from berry::Object
QAtomicInt m_ReferenceCount
QMutex m_ReferenceCountLock

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from berry::Object
typedef Object Self
typedef berry::SmartPointer< SelfPointer
typedef berry::SmartPointer< const SelfConstPointer
typedef berry::WeakPointer< SelfWeakPtr
typedef berry::WeakPointer< const SelfConstWeakPtr
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from berry::Object
static const char * GetStaticClassName ()
static Reflection::TypeInfo GetStaticTypeInfo ()
static QList< Reflection::TypeInfoGetStaticSuperclasses ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from berry::Object
 Object ()
virtual ~Object ()
virtual QDebug PrintSelf (QDebug os, Indent indent) const
virtual QDebug PrintHeader (QDebug os, Indent indent) const
virtual QDebug PrintTrailer (QDebug os, Indent indent) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file berryQtSelectionProvider.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QtSelectionProvider()

berry::QtSelectionProvider::QtSelectionProvider ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddSelectionChangedListener()

void berry::QtSelectionProvider::AddSelectionChangedListener ( ISelectionChangedListener listener)

Adds a listener for selection changes in this selection provider. Has no effect if an identical listener is already registered.

listenera selection changed listener

Implements berry::ISelectionProvider.

◆ berryObjectMacro()

berry::QtSelectionProvider::berryObjectMacro ( QtSelectionProvider  )

◆ FireSelectionChanged

virtual void berry::QtSelectionProvider::FireSelectionChanged ( const QItemSelection &  selected,
const QItemSelection &  deselected 

Reimplemented in QmitkDataNodeSelectionProvider.

◆ GetItemSelectionModel()

QItemSelectionModel* berry::QtSelectionProvider::GetItemSelectionModel ( ) const

◆ GetQItemSelection()

QItemSelection berry::QtSelectionProvider::GetQItemSelection ( ) const

◆ GetSelection()

ISelection::ConstPointer berry::QtSelectionProvider::GetSelection ( ) const

Returns the current selection for this provider.

the current selection

Implements berry::ISelectionProvider.

Reimplemented in QmitkDataNodeSelectionProvider.

◆ RemoveSelectionChangedListener()

void berry::QtSelectionProvider::RemoveSelectionChangedListener ( ISelectionChangedListener listener)

Removes the given selection change listener from this selection provider. Has no affect if an identical listener is not registered.

listenera selection changed listener

Implements berry::ISelectionProvider.

◆ SetItemSelectionModel()

void berry::QtSelectionProvider::SetItemSelectionModel ( QItemSelectionModel *  combo)

◆ SetQItemSelection()

void berry::QtSelectionProvider::SetQItemSelection ( const QItemSelection &  selection)

◆ SetSelection() [1/2]

void berry::QtSelectionProvider::SetSelection ( const ISelection::ConstPointer selection)

Sets the current selection for this selection provider.

selectionthe new selection

Implements berry::ISelectionProvider.

◆ SetSelection() [2/2]

virtual void berry::QtSelectionProvider::SetSelection ( const ISelection::ConstPointer selection,

Reimplemented in QmitkDataNodeSelectionProvider.

Member Data Documentation

◆ qSelectionModel

QItemSelectionModel* berry::QtSelectionProvider::qSelectionModel

Definition at line 56 of file berryQtSelectionProvider.h.

◆ selectionEvents

ISelectionChangedListener::Events berry::QtSelectionProvider::selectionEvents

Definition at line 55 of file berryQtSelectionProvider.h.

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