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berry::Parameterization Class Reference

#include <berryParameterization.h>

Public Member Functions

 Parameterization (const SmartPointer< const IParameter > parameter, const QString &value)
 Parameterization (const Parameterization &p)
Parameterizationoperator= (const Parameterization &p)
bool operator== (const Parameterization &parameterization) const
 operator bool () const
SmartPointer< const IParameterGetParameter () const
QString GetValue () const
QString GetValueName () const
uint HashCode () const

Detailed Description

A parameter with a specific value. This is usually a part of a ParameterizedCommand, which is used to refer to a command with a collection of parameterizations.


Definition at line 36 of file berryParameterization.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Parameterization() [1/2]

berry::Parameterization::Parameterization ( const SmartPointer< const IParameter parameter,
const QString &  value 

Constructs a new instance of Parameterization.

parameterThe parameter that is being parameterized; must not be null.
valueThe value for the parameter; may be null.

◆ Parameterization() [2/2]

berry::Parameterization::Parameterization ( const Parameterization p)

Copy constructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetParameter()

SmartPointer<const IParameter> berry::Parameterization::GetParameter ( ) const

Returns the parameter that is being parameterized.

The parameter; never null.

◆ GetValue()

QString berry::Parameterization::GetValue ( ) const

Returns the value for the parameter in this parameterization.

The value; may be null.

◆ GetValueName()

QString berry::Parameterization::GetValueName ( ) const

Returns the human-readable name for the current value, if any. If the name cannot be found, then it simply returns the value. It also ensures that any null values are converted into an empty string.

The human-readable name of the value; never null.
ParameterValuesExceptionIf the parameter needed to be initialized, but couldn't be.

◆ HashCode()

uint berry::Parameterization::HashCode ( ) const

◆ operator bool()

berry::Parameterization::operator bool ( ) const

◆ operator=()

Parameterization& berry::Parameterization::operator= ( const Parameterization p)

◆ operator==()

bool berry::Parameterization::operator== ( const Parameterization parameterization) const

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