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berry::DebugBreakpointManager Class Reference

#include <berryDebugBreakpointManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

void AddSmartpointerBreakpoint (int smartPointerId, const Object *obj=nullptr)
void AddObjectBreakpoint (unsigned long objectTraceId)
void RemoveSmartpointerBreakpoint (int smartPointerId)
void RemoveObjectBreakpoint (unsigned long objectTraceId)
const std::set< unsigned long > & GetObjectBreakpoints () const
const Poco::HashMap< int, const Object * > & GetSmartPointerBreakpoints () const
bool BreakAtObject (unsigned long traceId) const
bool BreakAtSmartpointer (int spId) const
void SaveState (const QString &path) const
void RestoreState (const QString &path)

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string BREAKPOINTS_XML

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file berryDebugBreakpointManager.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddObjectBreakpoint()

void berry::DebugBreakpointManager::AddObjectBreakpoint ( unsigned long  objectTraceId)

◆ AddSmartpointerBreakpoint()

void berry::DebugBreakpointManager::AddSmartpointerBreakpoint ( int  smartPointerId,
const Object obj = nullptr 

◆ BreakAtObject()

bool berry::DebugBreakpointManager::BreakAtObject ( unsigned long  traceId) const

◆ BreakAtSmartpointer()

bool berry::DebugBreakpointManager::BreakAtSmartpointer ( int  spId) const

◆ GetObjectBreakpoints()

const std::set<unsigned long>& berry::DebugBreakpointManager::GetObjectBreakpoints ( ) const

◆ GetSmartPointerBreakpoints()

const Poco::HashMap<int, const Object*>& berry::DebugBreakpointManager::GetSmartPointerBreakpoints ( ) const

◆ RemoveObjectBreakpoint()

void berry::DebugBreakpointManager::RemoveObjectBreakpoint ( unsigned long  objectTraceId)

◆ RemoveSmartpointerBreakpoint()

void berry::DebugBreakpointManager::RemoveSmartpointerBreakpoint ( int  smartPointerId)

◆ RestoreState()

void berry::DebugBreakpointManager::RestoreState ( const QString &  path)

◆ SaveState()

void berry::DebugBreakpointManager::SaveState ( const QString &  path) const

Member Data Documentation


const std::string berry::DebugBreakpointManager::BREAKPOINTS_XML

Definition at line 30 of file berryDebugBreakpointManager.h.

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