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QmitkPropertiesTableEditor Class Reference

Combines a QTableView along with a QmitkPropertiesTableModel to a reusable Property Editor component. More...

#include <QmitkPropertiesTableEditor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QmitkPropertiesTableEditor (QWidget *parent=nullptr, Qt::WindowFlags f=nullptr, mitk::DataNode::Pointer _Node=nullptr)
 ~QmitkPropertiesTableEditor () override
 Standard dtor. Nothing to do here. More...
void SetPropertyList (mitk::PropertyList::Pointer _List)
QmitkPropertiesTableModelgetModel () const
QTableView * getTable () const

Protected Slots

void PropertyFilterKeyWordTextChanged (const QString &text)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void init ()

Protected Attributes

QTableView * m_NodePropertiesTableView
QLineEdit * m_TxtPropertyFilterKeyWord

Detailed Description

Combines a QTableView along with a QmitkPropertiesTableModel to a reusable Property Editor component.

See also

Definition at line 36 of file QmitkPropertiesTableEditor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QmitkPropertiesTableEditor()

QmitkPropertiesTableEditor::QmitkPropertiesTableEditor ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr,
Qt::WindowFlags  f = nullptr,
mitk::DataNode::Pointer  _Node = nullptr 

Constructs a new QmitkDataStorageTableModel and sets the DataNode for this TableModel.

◆ ~QmitkPropertiesTableEditor()

QmitkPropertiesTableEditor::~QmitkPropertiesTableEditor ( )

Standard dtor. Nothing to do here.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getModel()

QmitkPropertiesTableModel* QmitkPropertiesTableEditor::getModel ( ) const

Get the model.

◆ getTable()

QTableView* QmitkPropertiesTableEditor::getTable ( ) const

◆ init()

virtual void QmitkPropertiesTableEditor::init ( )

Initialise empty GUI.

◆ PropertyFilterKeyWordTextChanged

void QmitkPropertiesTableEditor::PropertyFilterKeyWordTextChanged ( const QString &  text)

◆ SetPropertyList()

void QmitkPropertiesTableEditor::SetPropertyList ( mitk::PropertyList::Pointer  _List)

Convenience method. Sets the property list in the model.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_Model

QmitkPropertiesTableModel* QmitkPropertiesTableEditor::m_Model

The property list table model.

Definition at line 83 of file QmitkPropertiesTableEditor.h.

◆ m_NodePropertiesTableView

QTableView* QmitkPropertiesTableEditor::m_NodePropertiesTableView

The table view that renders the property list.

Definition at line 73 of file QmitkPropertiesTableEditor.h.

◆ m_TxtPropertyFilterKeyWord

QLineEdit* QmitkPropertiesTableEditor::m_TxtPropertyFilterKeyWord

A text field in which the user can enter a filter keyword for the properties. Only properties containing with this keyword will be selected.

Definition at line 79 of file QmitkPropertiesTableEditor.h.

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