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QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel Class Reference

#include <QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel.h>

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void dataAvailable ()
void modelChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel (QObject *parent=nullptr)
 ~QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel () override
void SetImageNodes (const std::vector< mitk::DataNode::ConstPointer > &nodes)
void SetMaskNodes (const std::vector< mitk::DataNode::ConstPointer > &nodes)
void Clear ()
void SetIgnoreZeroValueVoxel (bool _arg)
bool GetIgnoreZeroValueVoxel () const
void SetHistogramNBins (unsigned int nbins)
unsigned int GetHistogramNBins () const
Qt::ItemFlags flags (const QModelIndex &index) const override
QVariant data (const QModelIndex &index, int role) const override
QVariant headerData (int section, Qt::Orientation orientation, int role) const override
int rowCount (const QModelIndex &parent=QModelIndex()) const override
int columnCount (const QModelIndex &parent=QModelIndex()) const override
QModelIndex index (int row, int column, const QModelIndex &parent=QModelIndex()) const override
QModelIndex parent (const QModelIndex &child) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from QmitkAbstractDataStorageModel
 ~QmitkAbstractDataStorageModel () override
void SetDataStorage (mitk::DataStorage *dataStorage)
mitk::DataStorage::Pointer GetDataStorage () const
void SetNodePredicate (const mitk::NodePredicateBase *nodePredicate)
const mitk::NodePredicateBaseGetNodePredicate () const

Protected Member Functions

void DataStorageChanged () override
void NodePredicateChanged () override
void NodeAdded (const mitk::DataNode *node) override
void NodeChanged (const mitk::DataNode *node) override
void NodeRemoved (const mitk::DataNode *node) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QmitkAbstractDataStorageModel
 QmitkAbstractDataStorageModel (QObject *parent=nullptr)
 QmitkAbstractDataStorageModel (mitk::DataStorage *dataStorage, QObject *parent=nullptr)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from QmitkAbstractDataStorageModel
mitk::WeakPointer< mitk::DataStoragem_DataStorage
mitk::NodePredicateBase::ConstPointer m_NodePredicate

Detailed Description

The class is used to represent the information of mitk::ImageStatisticsContainer in the set datastorage in the context of the QT view-model-concept. The represented ImageStatisticContainer are specified by setting the image and mask nodes that should be regarded. In addition you may specified the statistic computation property HistorgramNBins and IgnoreZeroValueVoxel to select the correct statistics.

Definition at line 34 of file QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel()

QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel ( QObject *  parent = nullptr)

◆ ~QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel()

QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::~QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clear()

void QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::Clear ( )

◆ columnCount()

int QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::columnCount ( const QModelIndex &  parent = QModelIndex()) const

◆ data()

QVariant QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::data ( const QModelIndex &  index,
int  role 
) const

◆ dataAvailable

void QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::dataAvailable ( )

◆ DataStorageChanged()

void QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::DataStorageChanged ( )

◆ flags()

Qt::ItemFlags QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::flags ( const QModelIndex &  index) const

◆ GetHistogramNBins()

unsigned int QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::GetHistogramNBins ( ) const

/brief Get bin size for histogram resolution.

◆ GetIgnoreZeroValueVoxel()

bool QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::GetIgnoreZeroValueVoxel ( ) const

/brief Get status of zero value voxel ignoring.

◆ headerData()

QVariant QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::headerData ( int  section,
Qt::Orientation  orientation,
int  role 
) const

◆ index()

QModelIndex QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::index ( int  row,
int  column,
const QModelIndex &  parent = QModelIndex() 
) const

◆ modelChanged

void QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::modelChanged ( )

Is emitted whenever the model changes are finished (usually a bit later than dataAvailable()).

◆ NodeAdded()

void QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::NodeAdded ( const mitk::DataNode node)

◆ NodeChanged()

void QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::NodeChanged ( const mitk::DataNode node)

◆ NodePredicateChanged()

void QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::NodePredicateChanged ( )

◆ NodeRemoved()

void QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::NodeRemoved ( const mitk::DataNode node)

◆ parent()

QModelIndex QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::parent ( const QModelIndex &  child) const

◆ rowCount()

int QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::rowCount ( const QModelIndex &  parent = QModelIndex()) const

◆ SetHistogramNBins()

void QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::SetHistogramNBins ( unsigned int  nbins)

/brief Set bin size for histogram resolution.

◆ SetIgnoreZeroValueVoxel()

void QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::SetIgnoreZeroValueVoxel ( bool  _arg)

/brief Set flag to ignore zero valued voxels

◆ SetImageNodes()

void QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::SetImageNodes ( const std::vector< mitk::DataNode::ConstPointer > &  nodes)

◆ SetMaskNodes()

void QmitkImageStatisticsTreeModel::SetMaskNodes ( const std::vector< mitk::DataNode::ConstPointer > &  nodes)

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