Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2023.04.00
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
The MITK Tutorial

If you have set up and compiled MITK already and want to know more about developing with MITK you might want to read the Tutorial chapters. If you want help setting up MITK and creating your own project using MITK you should take a look at Creating a new MITK project.

First steps in MITK

If you are absolutely new to MITK you might want to read up on setting up MITK to use in your development. The following pages will help you in this task.

Tutorial chapters

This tutorial will give you an introduction to developing with MITK. We will start with configuring MITK to compile the tutorial, continue to show how to display and do basic interaction with images, and finally show how to build a plug-in and add new interactions.

The source code of the examples can be found in Examples/Tutorial/
Visit Troubleshooting for a guide to miscellaneous issues and their resolution.
Two data files are used to execute the example code.

More advanced How-Tos can be found at First steps in Development .

Enjoy MITK!