Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2016.11.0
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
mitkPlaneGeometryDataVtkMapper3D.h File Reference
#include "mitkDataStorage.h"
#include "mitkPlaneGeometryDataToSurfaceFilter.h"
#include "mitkVtkMapper.h"
#include "mitkWeakPointer.h"
#include <MitkCoreExports.h>
#include <vtkCleanPolyData.h>
#include <vtkSystemIncludes.h>

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class  mitk::PlaneGeometryDataVtkMapper3D
 Vtk-based mapper to display a PlaneGeometry in a 3D windowUses a PlaneGeometryDataToSurfaceFilter object to create a vtkPolyData representation of a given PlaneGeometry instance. PlaneGeometry may either contain a common flat plane or a curved plane (ThinPlateSplineCurvedGeometry). More...
class  mitk::PlaneGeometryDataVtkMapper3D::ActorInfo


 DataCollection - Class to facilitate loading/accessing structured data.


typedef PlaneGeometryDataVtkMapper3D mitk::Geometry2DDataVtkMapper3D