Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2016.11.0
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
mitk::VtkModel Class Reference

#include <mitkVtkModel.h>

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Public Types

enum  Mode { OpenGL, Surface }

Public Member Functions

 SOFA_CLASS (VtkModel, sofa::component::visualmodel::VisualModelImpl)
void internalDraw (const sofa::core::visual::VisualParams *vparams, bool transparent) override
bool loadTextures () override
void SetVtkRenderer (vtkRenderer *renderer)
void updateBuffers () override
DataNode::Pointer GetDataNode () const
Mode GetMode () const
void SetMode (Mode mode)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file mitkVtkModel.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 41 of file mitkVtkModel.h.

Member Function Documentation

mitk::DataNode::Pointer mitk::VtkModel::GetDataNode ( ) const

Definition at line 421 of file mitkVtkModel.cpp.

mitk::VtkModel::Mode mitk::VtkModel::GetMode ( ) const

Definition at line 426 of file mitkVtkModel.cpp.

void mitk::VtkModel::internalDraw ( const sofa::core::visual::VisualParams *  vparams,
bool  transparent 

Definition at line 275 of file mitkVtkModel.cpp.

References InitGLEW().

bool mitk::VtkModel::loadTextures ( )

Definition at line 364 of file mitkVtkModel.cpp.

References filename, MITK_ERROR, and mitk::New().

void mitk::VtkModel::SetMode ( Mode  mode)
void mitk::VtkModel::SetVtkRenderer ( vtkRenderer *  renderer)

Definition at line 475 of file mitkVtkModel.cpp.

mitk::VtkModel::SOFA_CLASS ( VtkModel  ,
void mitk::VtkModel::updateBuffers ( )

Definition at line 480 of file mitkVtkModel.cpp.

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