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mitk::ImageWriteAccessor Class Reference

ImageWriteAccessor class to get locked write-access for a particular image part. More...

#include <mitkImageWriteAccessor.h>

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Public Types

typedef Image::Pointer ImagePointer
- Public Types inherited from mitk::ImageAccessorBase
enum  Options { DefaultBehavior, ExceptionIfLocked, ForceCoherentMemory, IgnoreLock }
 defines different flags for the ImageAccessor constructors More...
typedef itk::SmartPointer< const mitk::ImageImageConstPointer

Public Member Functions

 ImageWriteAccessor (ImagePointer image, const ImageDataItem *iDI=nullptr, int OptionFlags=ImageAccessorBase::DefaultBehavior)
 Orders write access for a slice, volume or 4D-Image. More...
void * GetData ()
 Gives full data access. More...
virtual ~ImageWriteAccessor ()
 informs Image to unlock the represented image part More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from mitk::ImageAccessorBase
virtual ~ImageAccessorBase ()
const void * GetData () const
 Gives const access to the data. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual const ImageGetImage () const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mitk::ImageAccessorBase
 ImageAccessorBase (ImageConstPointer iP, const ImageDataItem *iDI=nullptr, int OptionFlags=DefaultBehavior)
 Checks validity of given parameters from inheriting classes and stores those parameters in member variables. More...
void Increment ()
 Increments m_WaiterCount. A call of this method is prohibited unless the Mutex m_ReadWriteLock in the mitk::Image class is Locked. More...
bool Overlap (const ImageAccessorBase *iAB)
 Computes if there is an Overlap of the image part between this instantiation and another ImageAccessor object. More...
void WaitForReleaseOf (ImageAccessorWaitLock *wL)
 Uses the WaitLock to wait for another ImageAccessor. More...
void PreventRecursiveMutexLock (ImageAccessorBase *iAB)
 Prevents a recursive mutex lock by comparing thread ids of competing image accessors. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from mitk::ImageAccessorBase
itk::ImageRegion< 4 > * m_SubRegion
void * m_AddressBegin
void * m_AddressEnd
int m_Options
 Stores all extended properties of an ImageAccessor. The different flags in mitk::ImageAccessorBase::Options can be unified by bitwise operations. More...
bool m_CoherentMemory
 Pointer to a WaitLock struct, that allows other ImageAccessors to wait for this ImageAccessor. More...
ThreadIDType m_Thread

Detailed Description

ImageWriteAccessor class to get locked write-access for a particular image part.

Definition at line 29 of file mitkImageWriteAccessor.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mitk::ImageWriteAccessor::ImageWriteAccessor ( ImagePointer  image,
const ImageDataItem iDI = nullptr,
int  OptionFlags = ImageAccessorBase::DefaultBehavior 

Orders write access for a slice, volume or 4D-Image.

Image::Pointerspecifies the associated Image
ImageDataItem*specifies the allocated image part
OptionFlagsproperties from mitk::ImageAccessorBase::Options can be chosen and assembled with bitwise unification.
mitk::Exceptionif the Constructor was created inappropriately
mitk::MemoryIsLockedExceptionif requested image area is exclusively locked and mitk::ImageAccessorBase::ExceptionIfLocked is set in OptionFlags

Definition at line 19 of file mitkImageWriteAccessor.cpp.

mitk::ImageWriteAccessor::~ImageWriteAccessor ( )

informs Image to unlock the represented image part

Definition at line 26 of file mitkImageWriteAccessor.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

const mitk::Image * mitk::ImageWriteAccessor::GetImage ( ) const

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