Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2016.11.0
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
QmitkRenderWindow Class Reference

MITK implementation of the QVTKWidget. More...

#include <QmitkRenderWindow.h>

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void ResetView ()
void ChangeCrosshairRotationMode (int)
void SignalLayoutDesignChanged (int layoutDesignIndex)
void moved ()
void NodesDropped (QmitkRenderWindow *thisWindow, std::vector< mitk::DataNode * > nodes)
 Emits a signal to say that this window has had the following nodes dropped on it. More...

Public Member Functions

 QmitkRenderWindow (QWidget *parent=0, QString name="unnamed renderwindow", mitk::VtkPropRenderer *renderer=NULL, mitk::RenderingManager *renderingManager=NULL, mitk::BaseRenderer::RenderingMode::Type renderingMode=mitk::BaseRenderer::RenderingMode::Standard)
virtual ~QmitkRenderWindow ()
virtual void SetResendQtEvents (bool resend)
 Whether Qt events should be passed to parent (default: true) More...
void SetLayoutIndex (unsigned int layoutIndex)
unsigned int GetLayoutIndex ()
void LayoutDesignListChanged (int layoutDesignIndex)
void HideRenderWindowMenu ()
void ActivateMenuWidget (bool state, QmitkStdMultiWidget *stdMultiWidget=0)
bool GetActivateMenuWidgetFlag ()
virtual vtkRenderWindow * GetVtkRenderWindow () override
virtual vtkRenderWindowInteractor * GetVtkRenderWindowInteractor () override
void FullScreenMode (bool state)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mitk::RenderWindowBase
virtual ~RenderWindowBase ()
void InitRenderer ()
virtual mitk::SliceNavigationControllerGetSliceNavigationController ()
virtual mitk::CameraRotationControllerGetCameraRotationController ()
virtual mitk::BaseControllerGetController ()
virtual mitk::VtkPropRendererGetRenderer ()
virtual bool HandleEvent (InteractionEvent *interactionEvent)

Protected Slots

void OnChangeLayoutDesign (int layoutDesignIndex)
void OnWidgetPlaneModeChanged (int)
void DeferredHideMenu ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void moveEvent (QMoveEvent *event) override
void showEvent (QShowEvent *event) override
virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *event) override
virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *event) override
virtual void mouseDoubleClickEvent (QMouseEvent *event) override
virtual void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *event) override
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *event) override
virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *event) override
virtual void enterEvent (QEvent *) override
virtual void leaveEvent (QEvent *) override
virtual void dragEnterEvent (QDragEnterEvent *event) override
 Simply says we accept the event type. More...
virtual void dropEvent (QDropEvent *event) override
 If the dropped type is application/x-mitk-datanodes we process the request by converting to mitk::DataNode pointers and emitting the NodesDropped signal. More...
virtual void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *) override
void AdjustRenderWindowMenuVisibility (const QPoint &pos)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mitk::RenderWindowBase
 RenderWindowBase ()
void Initialize (mitk::RenderingManager *renderingManager=NULL, const char *name="unnamed renderer", mitk::BaseRenderer::RenderingMode::Type renderingMode=mitk::BaseRenderer::RenderingMode::Standard)
void Destroy ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from mitk::RenderWindowBase
mitk::VtkPropRenderer::Pointer m_Renderer
bool m_InResize

Detailed Description

MITK implementation of the QVTKWidget.

Step1.cpp, Step2.cpp, Step3.cpp, Step4.cpp, Step5.cpp, and Step6.cpp.

Definition at line 39 of file QmitkRenderWindow.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QmitkRenderWindow::QmitkRenderWindow ( QWidget *  parent = 0,
QString  name = "unnamed renderwindow",
mitk::VtkPropRenderer renderer = NULL,
mitk::RenderingManager renderingManager = NULL,
mitk::BaseRenderer::RenderingMode::Type  renderingMode = mitk::BaseRenderer::RenderingMode::Standard 
QmitkRenderWindow::~QmitkRenderWindow ( )

Definition at line 77 of file QmitkRenderWindow.cpp.

References mitk::RenderWindowBase::Destroy().

Member Function Documentation

void QmitkRenderWindow::ActivateMenuWidget ( bool  state,
QmitkStdMultiWidget stdMultiWidget = 0 
void QmitkRenderWindow::AdjustRenderWindowMenuVisibility ( const QPoint &  pos)
void QmitkRenderWindow::ChangeCrosshairRotationMode ( int  )

Referenced by ActivateMenuWidget().

void QmitkRenderWindow::DeferredHideMenu ( )

Definition at line 206 of file QmitkRenderWindow.cpp.

References QmitkRenderWindowMenu::HideMenu(), and MITK_DEBUG.

void QmitkRenderWindow::dragEnterEvent ( QDragEnterEvent *  event)

Simply says we accept the event type.

Definition at line 307 of file QmitkRenderWindow.cpp.

void QmitkRenderWindow::dropEvent ( QDropEvent *  event)

If the dropped type is application/x-mitk-datanodes we process the request by converting to mitk::DataNode pointers and emitting the NodesDropped signal.

Definition at line 315 of file QmitkRenderWindow.cpp.

References NodesDropped(), and QmitkMimeTypes::ToDataNodePtrList().

void QmitkRenderWindow::enterEvent ( QEvent *  e)

Definition at line 200 of file QmitkRenderWindow.cpp.

void QmitkRenderWindow::FullScreenMode ( bool  state)
bool QmitkRenderWindow::GetActivateMenuWidgetFlag ( )

Definition at line 84 of file QmitkRenderWindow.h.

Referenced by QmitkStdMultiWidget::IsMenuWidgetEnabled().

unsigned int QmitkRenderWindow::GetLayoutIndex ( )

Definition at line 94 of file QmitkRenderWindow.cpp.

References QmitkRenderWindowMenu::GetLayoutIndex().

virtual vtkRenderWindowInteractor* QmitkRenderWindow::GetVtkRenderWindowInteractor ( )

Implements mitk::RenderWindowBase.

Definition at line 87 of file QmitkRenderWindow.h.

void QmitkRenderWindow::HideRenderWindowMenu ( )

Definition at line 285 of file QmitkRenderWindow.cpp.

Referenced by QmitkStdMultiWidget::HideAllWidgetToolbars().

void QmitkRenderWindow::keyPressEvent ( QKeyEvent *  event)
void QmitkRenderWindow::leaveEvent ( QEvent *  e)
void QmitkRenderWindow::mouseDoubleClickEvent ( QMouseEvent *  event)
void QmitkRenderWindow::mouseMoveEvent ( QMouseEvent *  event)
void QmitkRenderWindow::mousePressEvent ( QMouseEvent *  event)
void QmitkRenderWindow::mouseReleaseEvent ( QMouseEvent *  event)
void QmitkRenderWindow::moved ( )

Referenced by moveEvent(), and showEvent().

void QmitkRenderWindow::moveEvent ( QMoveEvent *  event)

Definition at line 232 of file QmitkRenderWindow.cpp.

References moved().

void QmitkRenderWindow::NodesDropped ( QmitkRenderWindow thisWindow,
std::vector< mitk::DataNode * >  nodes 

Emits a signal to say that this window has had the following nodes dropped on it.

Referenced by dropEvent().

void QmitkRenderWindow::OnChangeLayoutDesign ( int  layoutDesignIndex)

Definition at line 290 of file QmitkRenderWindow.cpp.

References SignalLayoutDesignChanged().

Referenced by ActivateMenuWidget().

void QmitkRenderWindow::OnWidgetPlaneModeChanged ( int  mode)
void QmitkRenderWindow::paintEvent ( QPaintEvent *  event)
void QmitkRenderWindow::ResetView ( )

Referenced by ActivateMenuWidget().

void QmitkRenderWindow::SetLayoutIndex ( unsigned int  layoutIndex)
void QmitkRenderWindow::SetResendQtEvents ( bool  resend)

Whether Qt events should be passed to parent (default: true)

With introduction of the QVTKWidget the behaviour regarding Qt events changed. QVTKWidget "accepts" Qt events like mouse clicks (i.e. set an "accepted" flag). When this flag is set, Qt fininshed handling of this event – otherwise it is reached through to the widget's parent.

This reaching through to the parent was implicitly required by QmitkMaterialWidget / QmitkMaterialShowCase. QmitkStdMultiWidget The default behaviour of QmitkRenderWindow is now to clear the "accepted" flag of Qt events after they were handled by QVTKWidget. This way parents can also handle events.

If you don't want this behaviour, call SetResendQtEvents(true) on your render window.

Definition at line 82 of file QmitkRenderWindow.cpp.

void QmitkRenderWindow::showEvent ( QShowEvent *  event)

Definition at line 240 of file QmitkRenderWindow.cpp.

References moved().

void QmitkRenderWindow::SignalLayoutDesignChanged ( int  layoutDesignIndex)

Referenced by OnChangeLayoutDesign().

void QmitkRenderWindow::wheelEvent ( QWheelEvent *  we)

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