Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2018.4.99-a28b433c
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
The Colour Image Processing Module
Icon of the Colour Image Processing Module


This module allows the user to create coloured images from medical images. Generally, these coloured images would be used in presentations, research papers, or as a teaching aide.


The purpose of this module is to create coloured images, which can then be later used in presentations, research papers, or anything else the user desires. Furthermore, different body sections can be assigned a different colour. These images are not particularly useful for further image processing, but provide nice, clear, diagrams. Please note that ultrasound images cannot be coloured.

Creating Coloured Images

Open an image in mitk, then click on the colour wheel button. Make sure the image you loaded is selected.

\ Image -> RGBAimage

Clicking on this button creates an RGBA image from your medical image, which should appear in your data manager.

\ Image + mask -> RGBAimage

Before clicking on this button, a mask is needed. A mask is generally created using the segmentation tool. Make sure both the mask and image are selected, then click on the image + mask -> RGBA image button. This creates an RGBA image that is coloured only in section defined by the mask.

\ Image + mask + color-> RGBAimage

This functions the same way as the Image + mask -> RGBAimage. The difference is that the user can select the colour of the section represented by the mask. This is done by clicking on the colour next to the Image + mask + color-> RGBAimage button If multiple RGBA images are created with different colours, they can be combined into one image. Ensure that the desired coloured images are selected, then click on the combine RGBA images button.