Data handling in MITK

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Navigation through the tutorial slides

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How do you load Data into MITK?

There are several options to load your data into MITK.

General way to load all kinds of data













Especially for DICOM for a better overview about your data


Another option is to drag & drop your data into the window.

Open Files

Usual way to load a file is clicking on Open File in the Toolbar or pressing Ctrl + O.

This opens a file dialog, where you can
navigate to the appropriate file.

MITK then opens your image
in the data manager and the display area.

DICOM Browser

For a DICOM file, go to the DICOM Plugin.

In the Import tab you get the option
to scan your directory.

This opens a file dialog for searching your data.

DICOM Browser

Afterwards a bar appears showing the import status.

Now all the imported patients,
studies and series
are shown.

This way it's easy to choose
the needed scan and open it in the
Viewer by clicking on "View".

DICOM Browser

To get fast access to your file again without loading it a second time,
add the images to a local storage.

The local data can be found in the Local Storage tab.

How can you save and then close your projects?

Save a scene

To save your whole composition of data and settings,
click on the button "Save Project".

This opens a Save MITK Scene file dialog,
to choose the saving location.

Your data will be saved as a ".mitk" file.

Save a file

For saving a single object do a right-click
on the data in the Data Manager
and click on Save.

Then you can select the destination
for saving your image.

There are some file types to choose from
(e.g. Nrrd, Nifti,...)

Closing a project

To remove everything opened in the data manager
click on Close Project.

If you want delete one single object,
mark it, do a right-click
and remove it.

Thank you for working with MITK!

And don't forget:
Save your work before you close the window!

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