Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2023.04.00
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
mitk::TrackingDeviceData Struct Reference

#include <mitkTrackingTypes.h>

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Public Attributes

TrackingDeviceType Line
std::string Model
std::string VolumeModelLocation
std::string HardwareCode

Detailed Description

/brief This structure defines key variables of a device model and type. Line is (usually) identical with the TrackingDeviceName and can be used to compare TrackingDevices (string). It is specifically used to find out which models belong to which vendor, and what volume to use for a specific Model. Leaving VolumeModelLocation set to null will instruct the Generator to generate a field to the best of his ability. HardwareCode stands for a hexadecimal string, that represents the tracking volume. "X" stands for "hardwarecode is not known" or "tracking device has no hardware code". For NDI devices it is used in the SetVolume() Method in mitkNDITrackingDevice.cpp. The Pyramid Volume has the hardwarecode "4", but it is not supported yet.

Definition at line 34 of file mitkTrackingTypes.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ HardwareCode

std::string mitk::TrackingDeviceData::HardwareCode

Definition at line 38 of file mitkTrackingTypes.h.

◆ Line

TrackingDeviceType mitk::TrackingDeviceData::Line

Definition at line 35 of file mitkTrackingTypes.h.

◆ Model

std::string mitk::TrackingDeviceData::Model

Definition at line 36 of file mitkTrackingTypes.h.

◆ VolumeModelLocation

std::string mitk::TrackingDeviceData::VolumeModelLocation

Definition at line 37 of file mitkTrackingTypes.h.

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