Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2023.04.00
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit

Basic Qt widgets and classes for MITK. More...

Collaboration diagram for QtWidgets:


class  QmitkApplicationCursor
 Qt specific implementation of ApplicationCursorImplementation. More...
class  QmitkColoredNodeDescriptor
 Synchronizes the magic color #00ff00 of the given SVG icon to the mitk::DataNode color. More...
class  QmitkDataStorageFilterProxyModel
class  QmitkDataStorageListModel
class  QmitkDataStorageTreeModel
class  QmitkLevelWindowPresetDefinitionDialog
class  QmitkLevelWindowRangeChangeDialog
class  QmitkLevelWindowWidget
class  QmitkLevelWindowWidgetContextMenu
 Provides a contextmenu for Level/Window functionality. More...
class  QmitkLineEditLevelWindowWidget
 Provides a widget with two lineedit fields, one to change the window value of the current image and one to change the level value of the current image. More...
class  QmitkMemoryUsageIndicatorView
class  QmitkNodeDescriptor
 Decorator class for mitk::DataNode. More...
class  QmitkNodeDescriptorManager
 QmitkNodeDescriptorManager manages a set of QmitkNodeDescriptors. More...
class  QmitkProgressBar
 QT-Toolkit/GUI dependent class that provides the QT's ProgressBar. More...
class  QmitkPropertiesTableEditor
 Combines a QTableView along with a QmitkPropertiesTableModel to a reusable Property Editor component. More...
class  QmitkPropertiesTableModel
 A table model for showing and editing mitk::Properties. More...
class  QmitkPropertyDelegate
 Own includes. More...
class  QmitkRenderingManager
 Qt specific implementation of mitk::RenderingManager. More...
class  QmitkRenderingManagerFactory
 Qt specific implementation of mitk::RenderingManagerFactory. More...
class  QmitkRenderWindow
 MITK implementation of the QVTKWidget. More...
class  QmitkRenderWindowMenu
 The QmitkRenderWindowMenu is a popup Widget which shows up when the mouse cursor enter a QmitkRenderWindow. The Menu Widget is located in the right top corner of each RenderWindow. It includes different settings. For example the layout design can be changed with the setting button. Switching between full-screen mode and layout design can be done with the full-screen button. The popup Widget can be deactivated with ActivateMenuWidget(false) in QmitkRenderWindow. More...
class  QmitkServiceListWidget
 This widget provides abstraction for the handling of MicroServices. More...
class  QmitkSliderLevelWindowWidget
 Provides a widget with a slider to change the level and window value of the current image. More...
class  QmitkDataStorageComboBox
 Displays all or a subset (defined by a predicate) of nodes of the Data Storage. More...
class  QmitkDataStorageTableModel
 Own includes. More...


enum  QmitkItemModelRole { QmitkDataNodeRole, QmitkDataNodeRawPointerRole }


MITKQTWIDGETS_EXPORT void QmitkRegisterClasses ()

Detailed Description

Basic Qt widgets and classes for MITK.

This module provides a set of Qt widgets and classes generally useful for any MITK application. The main widgets are:

A couple of Qt models for use in the model/view architecture of Qt are also provided. Among them are:

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ QmitkItemModelRole


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Function Documentation

◆ QmitkRegisterClasses()

MITKQTWIDGETS_EXPORT void QmitkRegisterClasses ( )