Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2023.04.00
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
Directory Structure

To avoid clutter and ease the administration of the source code the MITK source code is structured into several subdirectories according to their function. This document aims at helping you finding what you want within this structure.


The top level directories are the following:

see the corresponding section for more information.

The Top Level Directories


This directory contains the different applications. Each application has its own subfolder, including the necessary code, icons and other resources. For more information on applications see Applications .


The CMake directory contains CMake files, macros and templates for the configuration of MITK as a project.


This directory contains CMake files for the configuration of other projects used by MITK.


The Documentation directory contains doxygen and other documentation as well as tutorials and examples. It includes basic end user manuals for the framework as well as developer documentation which does not depend on any additional modules.


This directory contains example code used by the documentation in the Documentation directory.


The Licenses directory contains various licenses used by MITK's dependencies.


This directory contains modules, which extend the capabilities of MITK. For the concept behind modules see Modules .


This directory contains plugins, which provide specific solutions. For further information see Plugins .


This directory contains template files for recurring snippets like the copyright header for all source files.


The Utilities directory contains self contained components, which are used by MITK, but not necessarily developed or maintained by the MITK team.


The Wrapping directory contains code necessary for the Python wrapping capabilities of MITK.