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Define service factories so that services can be contributed declaratively and will be available through berry::IServiceLocator::GetService(Class). The implementation of AbstractServiceFactory must be able to return a global service and multiple child services (if applicable).

Services must follow a general contract:

  • The top level service has no parent.
  • The child service may use the supplied parent, which can be cast to the service interface.
  • Any other services needed for initialization should be retrieved from the berry::IServiceLocator.
  • If the service needs to clean up any state (like listeners) it should implement berry::IDisposable.
  • Services should clearly specify when they perform cleanup for clients, such as removing listeners automatically on disposal.

Configuration Markup:

<!ELEMENT extension (serviceFactory? , sourceProvider?)+>

<!ATTLIST extension




Contribute services to the workbench.

<!ELEMENT serviceFactory (service+)>

<!ATTLIST serviceFactory

factoryClass CDATA #REQUIRED>

Match a service interface to a factory that can supply a hierachical implementation of that service.

  • factoryClass - The factory that extends AbstractServiceFactory and can create the implementation for the serviceClass.

<!ELEMENT service EMPTY>

<!ATTLIST service

serviceClass CDATA #IMPLIED>

A service this factory can provide.

  • serviceClass - The interface that represents a service contract.

<!ELEMENT sourceProvider (variable+)>

<!ATTLIST sourceProvider


A Source Provider supplies source variables to the IEvaluationService. It can also notify the IEvaluationService when one or more of the variables change.

  • provider - This class must provide variables and call the appropriate fireSourceChanged(*) method when any of the variables change.

<!ELEMENT variable EMPTY>

<!ATTLIST variable

name          CDATA #REQUIRED

priorityLevel (workbench|activeContexts|activeShell|activeWorkbenchWindow|activeEditorId|activePartId|activeSite) >

A source variable from this provider. A source provider must declare all variables that it provides.

  • name - The name of a contributed source variable. It is a good practice to prepend the plugin id to the variable name to avoid collisions with other source providers.
  • priorityLevel - For conflict resolution used by services like the IHandlerService, contributed source variables must assign a priority. workbench is the global default priority. See ISources for relative priority information.


Here is a basic definition:


The LevelServiceFactory can return an ILevelService when it is requested from the IServiceLocator:

   berry::ILevelService::Pointer s = GetSite()->GetService(my::ILevelService::GetStaticClassName());
   std::cout << s->GetLevel();

In this test example, the factory would instantiate three ILevelService implementations during the first call to GetSite()->GetService(*). The global one in the workbench, one for the workbench window, and one for the site.

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