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mitk::EndoDebug Struct Reference

#include <mitkEndoDebug.h>

Public Member Functions

void SetDebugEnabled (bool _DebugEnabled)
bool GetDebugEnabled ()
void SetShowImagesInDebug (bool _ShowImagesInDebug)
bool GetShowImagesInDebug ()
void SetShowImagesTimeOut (size_t _ShowImagesTimeOut)
size_t GetShowImagesTimeOut ()
void SetDebugImagesOutputDirectory (const std::string &_DebugImagesOutputDirectory)
std::string GetDebugImagesOutputDirectory () const
std::string GetFilenameWithoutExtension (const std::string &s)
bool AddFileToDebug (const std::string &fileToDebug)
void SetFilesToDebug (const std::set< std::string > &filesToDebug)
std::set< std::string > GetFilesToDebug ()
bool AddSymbolToDebug (const std::string &symbolToDebug)
void SetSymbolsToDebug (const std::set< std::string > &symbolsToDebug)
std::set< std::string > GetSymbolsToDebug ()
bool DebugFile (const std::string &fileToDebug)
bool DebugSymbol (const std::string &symbolToDebug)
bool Debug (const std::string &fileToDebug, const std::string &symbol="")
void SetLogFile (const std::string &file)
void ShowMessage (const std::string &message)
 EndoDebug ()
virtual ~EndoDebug ()

Static Public Member Functions

static EndoDebugGetInstance ()
static std::string GetUniqueFileName (const std::string &dir, const std::string &ext="jpg", const std::string &prefix="")

Detailed Description

class responsible for handling debug matters in endotracking

Definition at line 32 of file mitkEndoDebug.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EndoDebug()

mitk::EndoDebug::EndoDebug ( )

init defaults

◆ ~EndoDebug()

virtual mitk::EndoDebug::~EndoDebug ( )

delete d pointer

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddFileToDebug()

bool mitk::EndoDebug::AddFileToDebug ( const std::string &  fileToDebug)

add a file to debug ( if one or more files are set ) only those files will be debugged when using the macros below. e.g. call AddFileToDebug("MyClass.cpp"), then statements like endodebug(...) will be evaluated in MyClass.cpp and nowhere else

◆ AddSymbolToDebug()

bool mitk::EndoDebug::AddSymbolToDebug ( const std::string &  symbolToDebug)

same as files to debug, but the user can provide any symbol string. if one or more symbols are set only for these symbols Debug() will return true

◆ Debug()

bool mitk::EndoDebug::Debug ( const std::string &  fileToDebug,
const std::string &  symbol = "" 
the all in all status if debug output should be generated

◆ DebugFile()

bool mitk::EndoDebug::DebugFile ( const std::string &  fileToDebug)
true if file should be debugged

◆ DebugSymbol()

bool mitk::EndoDebug::DebugSymbol ( const std::string &  symbolToDebug)
true if symbol should be debugged

◆ GetDebugEnabled()

bool mitk::EndoDebug::GetDebugEnabled ( )
true if debug should be enabled

◆ GetDebugImagesOutputDirectory()

std::string mitk::EndoDebug::GetDebugImagesOutputDirectory ( ) const
true if debug should be enabled

◆ GetFilenameWithoutExtension()

std::string mitk::EndoDebug::GetFilenameWithoutExtension ( const std::string &  s)
the basename of a file without path

◆ GetFilesToDebug()

std::set<std::string> mitk::EndoDebug::GetFilesToDebug ( )
the files to be debugged

◆ GetInstance()

static EndoDebug& mitk::EndoDebug::GetInstance ( )

singleton class

◆ GetShowImagesInDebug()

bool mitk::EndoDebug::GetShowImagesInDebug ( )
true if debug should be enabled

◆ GetShowImagesTimeOut()

size_t mitk::EndoDebug::GetShowImagesTimeOut ( )
true if debug should be enabled

◆ GetSymbolsToDebug()

std::set<std::string> mitk::EndoDebug::GetSymbolsToDebug ( )
the symbols to be debugged

◆ GetUniqueFileName()

static std::string mitk::EndoDebug::GetUniqueFileName ( const std::string &  dir,
const std::string &  ext = "jpg",
const std::string &  prefix = "" 

helper function getting unique file name

◆ SetDebugEnabled()

void mitk::EndoDebug::SetDebugEnabled ( bool  _DebugEnabled)

set if debug is enabled at all

◆ SetDebugImagesOutputDirectory()

void mitk::EndoDebug::SetDebugImagesOutputDirectory ( const std::string &  _DebugImagesOutputDirectory)

sets an output directory. if set all images that are shown are also written to that output dir

◆ SetFilesToDebug()

void mitk::EndoDebug::SetFilesToDebug ( const std::set< std::string > &  filesToDebug)
See also

◆ SetLogFile()

void mitk::EndoDebug::SetLogFile ( const std::string &  file)

set a log file. if a log file is set and debug is activated all messages will be appended to that file

◆ SetShowImagesInDebug()

void mitk::EndoDebug::SetShowImagesInDebug ( bool  _ShowImagesInDebug)

set if debug is enabled at all

◆ SetShowImagesTimeOut()

void mitk::EndoDebug::SetShowImagesTimeOut ( size_t  _ShowImagesTimeOut)

set if debug is enabled at all

◆ SetSymbolsToDebug()

void mitk::EndoDebug::SetSymbolsToDebug ( const std::set< std::string > &  symbolsToDebug)

◆ ShowMessage()

void mitk::EndoDebug::ShowMessage ( const std::string &  message)

shows a message or writes it to a log file if a file is set (and is valid for writing)

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