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The NavigationData Player

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The navigation data player plays recorded or artificial navigation data of one ore more tracking tools and visualizes their trajectory. It can also make the data available als a NavigationDataSource to Plugins that require a stream of tracking data, without having to create a tracking device.

The Navigation Data Player

To use it, select a set of recorded navigation data using the "Open File" button. The Player will show the number of tools and the number of frames in the file. Select the sequential player if you want to play the data with a specified tempo (set the update Interval accordingly). Use the Time-based player to play the data in the speed they were originally acquired in.

  • Check "Repeat" to repeat the data as a loop indefinitely.
  • Check "Register as Microservice" to make the data available as a microservice TrackingDataSource. Other Filters can then be connected to it from other plugins. This is useful for development purposes or to replay previously recorded Situations.
  • Check "Display" to render the data in the render Window.

Tutorial: As part of the IGT tutorial, you might try to replay your recorded data from step The MITK-IGT Tracking Toolbox. You should see two spheric tools moving within the tracking volume. Note that the tool storage is not included in the navigation data player at the moment, and hence all tools are represented as spheres.

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