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Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
The IGT Registration view
Icon of the MITK-IGT Fiducial Registration


The MITK-IGT Fiducial Registration is a view which allows you to record real world landmarks as well as the corresponding landmarks on a virtual object with a tracking pointer of your choice.

Screenshot of the MITK-IGT Fiducial Registration View


First connect your tracking device to your PC. Then start the MITK Workbench and configure your tracking device using the The MITK-IGT Tracking Toolbox.


First of all you have to choose which tracking pointer should be used by clicking on one of the listed Available Navigation Data Sources and one of its related Tools. Confirm the tool to be used by clicking on Choose Selected. Above, the Polaris was chosen as navigation data source. In this case it has only one tool, the NDIPointer, which was selected as tracking pointer.

In case you want to select landmarks on a virtual object, you have to load the image or surface and confirm by clicking Choose Selected.

Point Based Registration

Now select the landmarks in the real world using the pointer: Press the plus button in the Tracker fiducials column and point to the landmarks in the real world. Press Add current instrument position to tell the MITK this is the desired landmark.

To select landmarks on the virtual object or image, press the plus button in the Image/object fiducials column. Add landmarks by pressing Shift and clicking on the desired position of the virtual object or image. Make sure to select the landmarks on the virtual object or image in the same order as the real world landmarks. Press Register to finalize the initial registration.

Points can be added manually by clicking on the button with a plus and XYZ.

A single point can be deleted by using the eraser button on a selected point. You can delete a pointset by right-click on the list of points and choosing Clear List.

You can change the order of the points manually by using the corresponding arrow up and arrow down button.

To save a pointset you have to click on the floppy disk button at the bottom of the relevant column.

It's possible to load a pointset by clicking on the file button and choosing the desired pointset. This replaces the current list of points.

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