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Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
mitk::Remeshing Namespace Reference


MITKREMESHING_EXPORT Surface::Pointer Decimate (const Surface *input, double percent, bool calculateNormals=true, bool flipNormals=false)
 Reduce the number of vertices of an mitk::Surface. More...

Function Documentation

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MITKREMESHING_EXPORT Surface::Pointer mitk::Remeshing::Decimate ( const Surface input,
double  percent,
bool  calculateNormals = true,
bool  flipNormals = false 

Reduce the number of vertices of an mitk::Surface.

The decimation is applied separately to all time steps of the input surface. The meshes of the resulting surface are guaranteed to consist of triangles only.

[in]inputInput surface
[in]percentRelative number of vertices after decimation [0, 1]
[in]calculateNormalsCalculate normals after decimation (true by default)
[in]flipNormalsFlip calculated normals (false by default)
Decimated surface