Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2022.04.99-01b95b17
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
mitkUSVideoDevice.h File Reference
#include <MitkUSExports.h>
#include <mitkCommon.h>
#include "mitkUSDevice.h"
#include "mitkUSImageVideoSource.h"
#include "mitkUSProbe.h"
#include <itkObjectFactory.h>

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class  itk::SmartPointer< T >
class  mitk::USVideoDevice
 A mitk::USVideoDevice is the common class for video only devices. They capture video input either from a file or from a device and transform the output into an mitk::USImage with attached metadata. This simple implementation does only capture and display 2d images without registration for example. More...


 DataCollection - Class to facilitate loading/accessing structured data.