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mitkTwoTissueCompartmentModelDifferentialEquations.h File Reference

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class  mitk::TwoTissueCompartmentModelDifferentialEquations
 Helper Class for NumericTwoTissueCompartment Model: Defines the differential equations (Mass Balance Equations) in the 2-tissue-compartment model for dynamic PET data modeling. The 2-Tissue Compartment model is defined via the mass balance equations dC1(t)/dt = K1*Ca(t) - (k2 + k3)*C1(t) + k4*C2(t) dC2(t)/dt = k3*C1(t) - k4*C2(t) CT(t) = C_a(t)*VB + (1-VB)*(C1(t)+C2(t) where Ca(t) is the plasma concentration(aterial input function) Boost ODEINT performs a stepwise numeric integration (e.g. via Runge-Kutta method) of the initial value problem x' = dx/dt = f(x,t) It needs an operator () (a functor) that calculates dx/dt = dxdt for a given x and t. Parameters are K1,k2,k3,k4, VB and the time dependent Ca(t) =AIF, that is interpolated to the current step t. More...


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