Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2022.10.99-fe4dd45b
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
mitkSemanticTypes.h File Reference
#include <boost/date_time/gregorian/gregorian.hpp>
#include <set>
#include <tuple>
#include <vector>

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struct  mitk::SemanticTypes::ControlPoint
struct  mitk::SemanticTypes::ExaminationPeriod
 The concept of an examination period. An examination period holds a vector of control point UIDs. The semantic relation storage stores the UIDs such that the represented control points are in chronological order. More...
struct  mitk::SemanticTypes::LesionClass
struct  mitk::SemanticTypes::Lesion


 DataCollection - Class to facilitate loading/accessing structured data.




using mitk::SemanticTypes::ID = std::string
using mitk::SemanticTypes::CaseID = std::string
using mitk::SemanticTypes::InformationType = std::string
using mitk::SemanticTypes::IDVector = std::vector< ID >
using mitk::SemanticTypes::LesionVector = std::vector< Lesion >
using mitk::SemanticTypes::LesionClassVector = std::vector< LesionClass >
using mitk::SemanticTypes::ControlPointVector = std::vector< ControlPoint >
using mitk::SemanticTypes::ExaminationPeriodVector = std::vector< ExaminationPeriod >
using mitk::SemanticTypes::InformationTypeVector = std::vector< InformationType >

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