Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit  2018.4.99-67d34b5d
Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit
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1 /*============================================================================
3 The Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit (MITK)
5 Copyright (c) German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)
6 All rights reserved.
8 Use of this source code is governed by a 3-clause BSD license that can be
9 found in the LICENSE file.
11 ============================================================================*/
13 #include "mitkDICOMEnums.h"
15 std::string
17 {
18  switch (value)
19  {
20  case SpacingInPatient: return "In Patient";
21  case SpacingAtDetector: return "At Detector";
22  case SpacingUnknown: return "Unknown spacing";
23  default: return "<unknown value of enum PixelSpacingInterpretation>";
24  };
25 }
27 std::string
29 {
30  switch (value)
31  {
32  case SOPClassSupported: return "SOPClassSupported";
33  case SOPClassPartlySupported: return "SOPClassPartlySupported";
34  case SOPClassImplemented: return "SOPClassImplemented";
35  case SOPClassUnsupported: return "SOPClassUnsupported";
36  case SOPClassUnknown: return "SOPClassUnknown";
37  default: return "<unknown value of enum ReaderImplementationLevel>";
38  };
39 }
loader code is not known to work with this SOP Class
NO spacing information is present, we use (1,1) as default.
std::string ReaderImplementationLevelToString(const ReaderImplementationLevel &enumValue)
Convert mitk::ReaderImplementationLevel to a human readable string.
loader code and tests are establised for specific parts of a SOP Class
How the mitk::Image spacing should be interpreted (see mitk::DICOMFileReader).
loader code and tests are established
loader code is implemented but not accompanied by tests
std::string PixelSpacingInterpretationToString(const PixelSpacingInterpretation &value)
Convert mitk::PixelSpacingInterpretation to a human readable string.
Describes how well the reader is tested for a certain file type (see mitk::DICOMFileReader).
distances are mm within a patient
distances are mm at detector surface
loader did not yet inspect any images, unknown fitness