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mitk::TubeGraphProperty Class Reference

Property for tube graphs. More...

#include <mitkTubeGraphProperty.h>

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struct  Annotation
struct  LabelGroup

Public Types

typedef TubeGraph::TubeDescriptorType TubeDescriptorType
typedef std::vector< TubeGraphProperty::LabelGroup * > LabelGroupSetType
typedef std::pair< TubeDescriptorType, std::string > TubeToLabelGroupType
- Public Types inherited from mitk::BaseProperty
typedef BaseProperty Self
typedef itk::Object Superclass
typedef itk::SmartPointer< SelfPointer
typedef itk::SmartPointer< const SelfConstPointer

Public Member Functions

 mitkClassMacro (TubeGraphProperty, BaseProperty)
bool IsTubeVisible (const TubeDescriptorType &tube)
void SetTubeActive (const TubeDescriptorType &tube, const bool &active)
void SetTubesActive (std::vector< TubeDescriptorType > &tubes)
bool IsTubeActive (const TubeDescriptorType &tube)
std::vector< TubeDescriptorTypeGetActiveTubes ()
Color GetColorOfTube (const TubeDescriptorType &tube)
void SetTubesToLabels (std::map< TubeToLabelGroupType, std::string > tubeToLabelMap)
std::map< TubeToLabelGroupType, std::string > GetTubesToLabels ()
void DeactivateAllTubes ()
void AddAnnotation (Annotation *annotation)
AnnotationGetAnnotationByName (std::string annotation)
std::vector< Annotation * > GetAnnotations ()
void RemoveAnnotation (Annotation *annotation)
void AddLabelGroup (LabelGroup *labelGroup, unsigned int position)
void RemoveLabelGroup (LabelGroup *labelGroup)
LabelGroupSetType GetLabelGroups ()
unsigned int GetNumberOfLabelGroups ()
unsigned int GetIndexOfLabelGroup (LabelGroup *labelGroup)
LabelGroupGetLabelGroupByName (std::string labelGroup)
void SetLabelVisibility (LabelGroup::Label *label, bool isVisible)
void SetLabelColor (LabelGroup::Label *label, Color color)
void RenameLabel (LabelGroup *labelGroup, LabelGroup::Label *label, std::string newName)
void SetLabelForActivatedTubes (LabelGroup *labelGroup, LabelGroup::Label *label)
LabelGroup::LabelGetLabelByName (LabelGroup *labelGroup, std::string labelName)
std::string GetValueAsString () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from mitk::BaseProperty
virtual std::vector< std::string > GetClassHierarchy () const
virtual const char * GetClassName () const
Pointer Clone () const
bool operator== (const BaseProperty &property) const
 Subclasses must implement IsEqual(const BaseProperty&) to support comparison. More...
BasePropertyoperator= (const BaseProperty &property)
 Assigns property to this BaseProperty instance. More...
bool AssignProperty (const BaseProperty &property)
 Assigns property to this BaseProperty instance. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Pointer New ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from mitk::BaseProperty
static const char * GetStaticNameOfClass ()

Protected Member Functions

 TubeGraphProperty ()
 TubeGraphProperty (const TubeGraphProperty &other)
 ~TubeGraphProperty () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mitk::BaseProperty
 BaseProperty ()
 BaseProperty (const BaseProperty &other)
 ~BaseProperty () override

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from mitk::BaseProperty
static const std::string VALUE_CANNOT_BE_CONVERTED_TO_STRING
 Default return value if a property which can not be returned as string. More...

Detailed Description

Property for tube graphs.

Definition at line 31 of file mitkTubeGraphProperty.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ LabelGroupSetType

◆ TubeDescriptorType

◆ TubeToLabelGroupType

Definition at line 52 of file mitkTubeGraphProperty.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TubeGraphProperty() [1/2]

mitk::TubeGraphProperty::TubeGraphProperty ( )

◆ TubeGraphProperty() [2/2]

mitk::TubeGraphProperty::TubeGraphProperty ( const TubeGraphProperty other)

◆ ~TubeGraphProperty()

mitk::TubeGraphProperty::~TubeGraphProperty ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddAnnotation()

void mitk::TubeGraphProperty::AddAnnotation ( Annotation annotation)

◆ AddLabelGroup()

void mitk::TubeGraphProperty::AddLabelGroup ( LabelGroup labelGroup,
unsigned int  position 

◆ DeactivateAllTubes()

void mitk::TubeGraphProperty::DeactivateAllTubes ( )

Deactivates all tubes

◆ GetActiveTubes()

std::vector<TubeDescriptorType> mitk::TubeGraphProperty::GetActiveTubes ( )

◆ GetAnnotationByName()

Annotation* mitk::TubeGraphProperty::GetAnnotationByName ( std::string  annotation)

◆ GetAnnotations()

std::vector<Annotation *> mitk::TubeGraphProperty::GetAnnotations ( )

◆ GetColorOfTube()

Color mitk::TubeGraphProperty::GetColorOfTube ( const TubeDescriptorType tube)

◆ GetIndexOfLabelGroup()

unsigned int mitk::TubeGraphProperty::GetIndexOfLabelGroup ( LabelGroup labelGroup)

◆ GetLabelByName()

LabelGroup::Label* mitk::TubeGraphProperty::GetLabelByName ( LabelGroup labelGroup,
std::string  labelName 

◆ GetLabelGroupByName()

LabelGroup* mitk::TubeGraphProperty::GetLabelGroupByName ( std::string  labelGroup)

◆ GetLabelGroups()

LabelGroupSetType mitk::TubeGraphProperty::GetLabelGroups ( )

◆ GetNumberOfLabelGroups()

unsigned int mitk::TubeGraphProperty::GetNumberOfLabelGroups ( )

◆ GetTubesToLabels()

std::map<TubeToLabelGroupType, std::string> mitk::TubeGraphProperty::GetTubesToLabels ( )

◆ GetValueAsString()

std::string mitk::TubeGraphProperty::GetValueAsString ( ) const

Reimplemented from mitk::BaseProperty.

◆ IsTubeActive()

bool mitk::TubeGraphProperty::IsTubeActive ( const TubeDescriptorType tube)

Checks, if a given tube is activated

tubethe to check
true, if the tube with id is active or false otherwise

◆ IsTubeVisible()

bool mitk::TubeGraphProperty::IsTubeVisible ( const TubeDescriptorType tube)

Checks, if a given tube is visible

tubethe tube id of the tube to check
true, if the tube with id is visible or false otherwise

◆ mitkClassMacro()

mitk::TubeGraphProperty::mitkClassMacro ( TubeGraphProperty  ,

◆ New()

static Pointer mitk::TubeGraphProperty::New ( )

◆ RemoveAnnotation()

void mitk::TubeGraphProperty::RemoveAnnotation ( Annotation annotation)

◆ RemoveLabelGroup()

void mitk::TubeGraphProperty::RemoveLabelGroup ( LabelGroup labelGroup)

◆ RenameLabel()

void mitk::TubeGraphProperty::RenameLabel ( LabelGroup labelGroup,
LabelGroup::Label label,
std::string  newName 

◆ SetLabelColor()

void mitk::TubeGraphProperty::SetLabelColor ( LabelGroup::Label label,
Color  color 

◆ SetLabelForActivatedTubes()

void mitk::TubeGraphProperty::SetLabelForActivatedTubes ( LabelGroup labelGroup,
LabelGroup::Label label 

◆ SetLabelVisibility()

void mitk::TubeGraphProperty::SetLabelVisibility ( LabelGroup::Label label,
bool  isVisible 

◆ SetTubeActive()

void mitk::TubeGraphProperty::SetTubeActive ( const TubeDescriptorType tube,
const bool &  active 

Sets a tube active.

tubethe tube id of the tube, which has to be set active
activetrue, if the tube should be active or false if not.

◆ SetTubesActive()

void mitk::TubeGraphProperty::SetTubesActive ( std::vector< TubeDescriptorType > &  tubes)

Sets tubes active.

◆ SetTubesToLabels()

void mitk::TubeGraphProperty::SetTubesToLabels ( std::map< TubeToLabelGroupType, std::string >  tubeToLabelMap)

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