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mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV Class Reference

#include <mitkMovieGeneratorOpenCV.h>

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Public Member Functions

 mitkClassMacro (MovieGeneratorOpenCV, MovieGenerator)
Pointer Clone () const
void SetFileName (const char *fileName) override
 filename under which movie is saved More...
void SetFourCCCodec (char *codec)
void SetFrameRate (unsigned int rate) override
void SetRemoveColouredFrame (bool)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mitk::MovieGenerator
 mitkClassMacroItkParent (MovieGenerator, itk::LightObject)
virtual void SetStepper (Stepper *stepper)
 stepper used to control movie generation More...
virtual void SetRenderer (BaseRenderer *renderer)
 renderer to record More...
virtual bool WriteMovie ()
 uses given stepper and filename to create a movie from the active OpenGL context More...
virtual bool WriteCurrentFrameToMovie ()
 alternative way, which does not use a stepper; More...
virtual void ReleaseMovieWriter ()
 releases a movie writer after usage of WriteCurrentFrameToMovie() More...
unsigned int GetFrameRate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Pointer New ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from mitk::MovieGenerator
static Pointer New (void)

Protected Member Functions

 MovieGeneratorOpenCV ()
bool InitGenerator () override
 called directly before the first frame is added More...
bool AddFrame (void *data) override
 used to add a frame More...
bool TerminateGenerator () override
 called after the last frame is added More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mitk::MovieGenerator
 MovieGenerator ()
 default constructor More...

Protected Attributes

std::string m_sFile
 name of output file More...
int m_dwRate
 frame rate More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from mitk::MovieGenerator
char m_fileName [1024]
 stores the movie filename More...
 stores the used stepper More...
 stores the uses renderer More...
int m_width
 InitGenerator() stores movie size in those variables. More...
int m_height
bool m_initialized
unsigned int m_FrameRate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file mitkMovieGeneratorOpenCV.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MovieGeneratorOpenCV()

mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV::MovieGeneratorOpenCV ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddFrame()

bool mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV::AddFrame ( void *  data)

used to add a frame

Implements mitk::MovieGenerator.

◆ Clone()

Pointer mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV::Clone ( ) const

◆ InitGenerator()

bool mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV::InitGenerator ( )

called directly before the first frame is added

Implements mitk::MovieGenerator.

◆ mitkClassMacro()

mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV::mitkClassMacro ( MovieGeneratorOpenCV  ,

◆ New()

static Pointer mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV::New ( )

◆ SetFileName()

void mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV::SetFileName ( const char *  fileName)

filename under which movie is saved

Reimplemented from mitk::MovieGenerator.

◆ SetFourCCCodec()

void mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV::SetFourCCCodec ( char *  codec)

Definition at line 40 of file mitkMovieGeneratorOpenCV.h.

◆ SetFrameRate()

void mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV::SetFrameRate ( unsigned int  rate)

Reimplemented from mitk::MovieGenerator.

◆ SetRemoveColouredFrame()

void mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV::SetRemoveColouredFrame ( bool  )

if true the movie will be cutted by a 10 pixel margin in order to remove the standard mitk coloured borders default: true

◆ TerminateGenerator()

bool mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV::TerminateGenerator ( )

called after the last frame is added

Implements mitk::MovieGenerator.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_dwRate

int mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV::m_dwRate

frame rate

Definition at line 70 of file mitkMovieGeneratorOpenCV.h.

◆ m_sFile

std::string mitk::MovieGeneratorOpenCV::m_sFile

name of output file

Definition at line 67 of file mitkMovieGeneratorOpenCV.h.

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